A Bachelor’s Crazy weekend.

Been away for a while so I thought I’d update all of my readers on what is going on! After what was a fun and exciting weekend a little over a week ago, I was excited and happy for what was to come.

Weekend of March 4th.

I saw the California girl again this Saturday and this time, went to her spot instead. She lives nearby but her apartment is not as good as mines. She had a pet cat as well who took some curiosity to me. I find myself being more of a cat than a dog person these days anyways. Decided to experiment a bit with her and chat. She would rub me a bit and we would playfully wrestle in her bed as she had her shirt and underwear on while I was shirtless. After that, we got to having sex again and I again felt as hard as a rock, the playful wrestling did it. This girl just has a way of bringing that wild side out of me unlike most girls I have been with.

She seems quite interesting outside of just the sex. We talked a good bit and she even let out how tired she was of how things in California were being run so she came to Florida. Told me that she is the center but sees herself leaning more to the right politically with the nonsense going on, was a Democrat for the longest. We practically spent the entire Saturday f*cking, chatting, ordering Door Dash food, and then watching a movie. Not a bad Saturday.

Sunday (March 5th).

After a fun Saturday spent f-cking, I slept in for a lot of Sunday. Woke up at around noon and realized I have to do some grocery shopping. Went to the store mostly looking a mess but styled my hair a bit while smelling like I just had sex for hours. Get into the store and some annoying chick’s dog jumps on me and is all over me. She doesn’t even apologize, just ignores me. I really hate big dogs and think fewer people should own them.

Open this brunette in the produce isle and it seems to go well until she sniffs the air around her. Notices it is coming from me and proceeds to make fun of meat the store, unpleasant experience. Others around me are laughing. Then I quickly finish up grocery shopping and head home, only to have yet another dog jump on me and it was a freaking Doberman. This Latina who can barely speak English tries to get it off of me.

I really hate how people in Miami get all of these dogs they cannot handle.

Uneventful Sunday. Need to hit the ground running again but likely seeing California girl again this week.

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