The Point Of No Return: Late bloomers that don’t want marriage or commitment.

Over the years, I have run into various kinds of men who have gotten into game. The one personality we are all too familiar with now is the late bloomer. The guy who didn’t get laid in his teens or even college days. The guy who missed out on the relationships and sex in his youth.

Lately, I have noticed a trend. Sure, some of these late bloomers go on to be lifelong incels that suck with women or stick with the black pill. However, a number of these late bloomers do make it. By make it, I mean they hit the gym, learn game, talk to women, and overtime, women get with these guys. For this post, I wanted to talk about the other extreme which are the late bloomers that make it.

The Point Of No Return

I met a guy recently who has become a downright efficient wing for me. Let’s call him Dutch because he is a tall Dutch guy who didn’t lose his virginity until the age of 26. Dutch was a kissless virgin until the age of 26 and he blames a lot of this on his overbearing mother who even homeschooled him. Now in his mid-30s, Dutch said he peaked around the age of 31 when he slept with around 50 different women in one year. All of this was in Miami by the way which is a remarkable feat.

Now Dutch is around the age of 35 and has slept with over 300 different women. Dutch is so obsessed with the validation he gets from sex that he would take sneaky photos of the women he had fucked nude. We spent one afternoon with him going through his phone and showing me over 40 different photos of naked women in his bed from different days. Dutch has these saved like a gallery on his phone.

I could no longer think that Dutch was an outlier because this is not the first time I have run into men like Dutch. I’ve run into a handful of guys just like Dutch that I have known as friends who told me about losing their virginity after the age of 25. The story is basically the same, these guys become obsessed with sex with as many different women as possible and make their lifelong purpose. A couple have even told me they date girls just so they can cheat on them because it gives them a thrilling and vindicating feeling.


That stuck with me. I asked Dutch why he feels vindicated by doing what he does. Dutch tells me that throughout his life, western society mocks the nerd or the studious man. Western society pedestalizes a guy who gets laid even if said guy is a loser with no job. No matter what hard-working men do, society and women mock them with terms like “you will find the right one” and “they will come back to you when they are finished with the bad boys”. At times, American society does this rather intentionally.

To men like Dutch and others, exploiting women for sex and using them for just that purpose is a vindicating feeling. Every woman now embodies that TikTok whore who mocks nerdy men and they must use her for just sex and nothing else. A few even love cheating on such women because it just feels good and fun. It feels powerful, thrilling, and exciting.

Men incapable of truly loving women.

Men like Dutch, regardless of how I truly feel about him as a person, are just incapable of loving women. To them, women are toys and objects to be used for sex, validating their ego, and showing off to others for validation. These men never got the validation they wanted from sex and dating a hot girl in their youth so they must show her off now to society as a trophy that they will never marry or some slag they banged.

Never underestimate a man with a chip on his shoulder.

Those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. How often has a person or a group of people been mocked, ridiculed, and laughed at by society or another group only for them to exact vengeance in the most diabolical ways? One can point to Odoacer and the Barbarians who sacked Rome or Genghis Khan and the way he dealt with insults. I make an extreme example here but men like Dutch are dangerous, albeit in very different and sneaky ways.

Men like Dutch won’t fall victim to their impulses or commit some violent act that makes the news. No, they are way too smart and sharp for that. The most dangerous criminals and adversaries are not impulsive, they know how to play around the rules to where they can get what they want and inflict their damage. Men like Dutch will break up marriages, commit to a woman just so they can cheat on her, use women solely for sex, and even sway other young men into their lifestyles.

Men like Dutch become dating coaches, dating gurus, red pill influencers, and those that poison young men worldwide into seeing women as toys for sex. However, try as it may, society cannot stop them. Like Thanos, they are almost inevitable. Driven by such a lust for revenge but made up of a cold and calculated demeanor that knows how to play right in line with the rules while still making their point.

Somehow, society keeps making the same mistake.

We can stop another Andrew Tate from happening by being nice to men that aren’t naturally good with women. Encourage them to pursue their dorky hobbies that can change the world! Treat them with decency and respect! Make them feel liked even if they aren’t the kinds of guys to be balls-deep in a lot of different women. Respect them for their gifts and what they are good at, they could invent the next thing that changes society.

Yet, society laughs at these men and calls them losers. Then, years later, wonders why it has fallen apart. Even the “experts” don’t take the threat these men can pose to society seriously. All of the “experts” (including women that claim to know about dating, yeah I know I am comical sometimes) think that these men will just smile and take a used-up whore as a wife.

Years later, the same people are asking how Andrew Tate became so powerful and influential. The same women are in their 30s asking where all of the good men went. The same women who thought that they were finally done with getting pumped and dumped after college realize that now the men in their 20s and 30s are doing the same shit to them.

All because society underestimated the cold and icy rage of a man scorned. It’s not loud or even violent but it is deadly like a toxin that slowly kills and degrades. Perhaps these men gave society plenty of chances to give them respect but society never took it. Now, we are at a point of no return.

Did we unleash The Joker?

One of my favorite movies from childhood is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. In one scene, Alfred tells Bruce that he went too far, he bullied the mob to where they were so desperate that they had to rely on a man that they don’t understand. Bruce says that all criminals are the same, they just want money. Alfred tells him the story of his time in Thailand; how some men cannot be bought, bullied, or reasoned with because they just want to see the world burn.

I am left asking, did society get to a point where it unleashed The Joker? Obviously, it won’t be anything like the movie (Thank God!) but did we just unleash an army of scorned men who are smart enough to play by the law but devious enough to hurt so many women that we are at the point we are at now?

Do men get to a point where they cannot love anymore?

More research needs to be done here but I do think that guys who are kissless virgins after the age of 25 generally get to this point. I do think that after your mid-twenties if a guy has not fallen in love with a woman and had it be mutual, he can either become a Black Pilled Incel or become like Dutch.

I think that after a point, men get to a place where having a healthy relationship with women becomes almost impossible and they are happy with it. I believe these men crave power and control over the very gender they feel rejected them to where they can’t ever see themselves giving love to a woman. A number of men I have talked to have even said that when they start catching real feelings for a girl they are dating, they immediately find every avenue to cheat.

I call this The Point Of No Return. It isn’t to say that these men will be virgins forever, in all likelihood a lot of them won’t. Many of them will sleep with tons of women just to prove a point and for the sake of their ego. However, they will never want to experience love or anything close to it because it all became a game to them. Women are objects to be used and toyed with, not to be loved.

How can we expect men that never received love to ever know how to give it? That is the dilemma.

2 thoughts on “The Point Of No Return: Late bloomers that don’t want marriage or commitment.

  1. This never happened to me, quite the opposite it was the men that always wanted fights, talk shit, brag. I was turned off by it. When it came to the ladies they were very welcoming, never seemed like their conversation would be aggressive at all, even for a quiet kid. My father stumped my own encouragement to learn, he instilled fear in me to avoid taking risks or make attempts as I was always yelled at or hear unnecessary comments. My mother played a role too I suppose kind, caring, and understanding.

    Over time this just developed my love of women even if I could never talk to them. After my coaching it just shot the passion even more.

    I’d say a resolution to this would be either teach the ladies game and to enjoy understand men’s company. If we don’t then its just unfair to them really. Share the knowledge carefully over time, we know how to grab their attention, lead them, sleep with them. They never got dating advice because she’s a “daughter, sister, a woman who doesn’t need to have horrible, disgusting things happening to her.” Could say we never let them bloom properly.

    Another idea is to have parts of the redpill or game community to call those people out on their shit hard. I prefer teaching ladies game. Even with all that I think we would still have P.O.S roaming about but at least we would know how see them & resolve the problem.

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