Hooky from work and a crazy Monday (3/13/23)

My Monday started off in a very strange way. My boss called in sick and then told me around 10 AM that I can take it easy for the rest of the day if I like. Well, talk about a strange twist of events. I get hit up from one of my old wings that I have not hung out with for a month. Apparently, he got laid off but got a pretty big severance and months of health insurance.

We get sick of texting so he calls me and tells me that a guy he met from a social circle event he was at is hosting a boat party, on a fucking Monday, man I love Miami! So I Uber over, expecting that alcohol will be involved, and meet my wing at a rooftop bar early in the afternoon. The guy is there as well as a friend of his.

Wing has not seen me in forever so we catch up on everything. Apparently, he is going to take it easy for the next 2 months rather than jumping right into another job. We chat about what he has been up to and he has been traveling to a few countries because his boss gave him a heads up that his team is going to be let go come early March.

I also talk to the older guy who is an Israeli man from Massachusetts. Apparently, my wing and he hit it off well based on some stories he told. We soon go over to what he was proposing but have to wait for a friend of his. The friend happens to be a club promoter at one of the hottest nightclubs in town. It’s this bald guy with face tattoos and a muscular body, let’s call him Rob.

All four of us head to where the older guy, let’s call him Sam, wanted us to be. Sam takes us to an outdoor bar near a marina and we meet three women there as a group. All of the women knew Sam but then Rob is texting like crazy and so is my wing. I look around and my wing looks up at me.

“Yo, you got girls? Call em!” he says.

“Yeah buddy, we are calling the whole damn catwalk,” says Rob.

“Oh….well nah man no girls I can call right now,” I reply.

“Booo, this man is not invited,” says my wing, in a joking way as I play it off laughing.

“We got you covered homie but next time, bring girls!” replies Rob.

What kind of shit did I miss that my wing was getting into? A few minutes later, three blondes show up. One is kind of short but the other two are tall and hot. All of them know my wing. Rob and I are chatting as my wing is too busy with the blondes but then, shortly after, about two girls show up. One has jet-black hair and blue eyes and the other is a blonde with big tits. I thought we were ready to go, far from it.

Next, three girls show up, one of them Latina and two of them brunette. All of them were fucking hot. Okay fine, we ready now? Nah, Rob is waiting on two more girls. The two girls show up, one a hot blonde and one a dark-haired blue-eyed white girl with pale skin. At this point it is about 12 or so girls (I must have lost count) to about 4 guys. Then, Sam makes a call and we are all sitting around and chatting.

I am relatively closed off and listening until one of the girls, the one with Jet-Black Hair and blue eyes says something to about me, come to think of it she looked a lot like Rachel Starr (yeah I used to have an awful porn addiction). She said it loud enough to where I could hear it. I ignored it but then she said it louder when she was really talking to Rob about me.

“I said why is this dude like so quiet, you shy dude? You lost?” she asked. She had that annoying white girl accent, the basic suburban girl that sounds ditzy.

“Yeah, pretty lost for a Monday,” I replied.

“Was that a joke?” she asked as Rob laughed.

“Yeah, not your kind of humor huh,” I replied.

“It wasn’t funny,” she replied

“You are funny,” I replied.

“Aww you’re flirting with me now,” she replied.

“I never said I would laugh with you though,” I replied, as Rob bust out laughing and a couple of girls looked in shock.

“Ugh, asshole!” she replied, shoving me and then smiling.

We will call her Raven for now. The boat comes and we all start to slowly get on. I walk the pier but am a bit careful as it is a bit wet. Raven does not waste a second to make a joke about it.

“Awww come on, baby steps funny man,” as everyone laughs.

“Leave that man alone,” replies Rob. I laugh too, Raven has some humor to her,

If there are status games going on, I am not winning here at all or being one of the cool kids. I mean I didn’t even know a couple of hours ago that we were going to do this and these other guys came prepared. We get on the boat and then start to take off but then I realize something, my fucking phone dies. Old me would be going neurotic wondering how I would call an Uber back but new me is different, fuck it, we will figure it out.

The boat finally takes off and I am looking around. Mostly all of the girls are now in their two-piece bikinis. I see Raven’s body and my goodness this woman has those pornstar looks. Nice beautiful ass, slim waist, amazing tits, and a lovely olive tan. The other women also look amazing, like this day just randomly fucking happened. I am also on about a week of NoFap and my cock gets hard as a rock. Rob and my wing take their shirts off while Sam keeps his on. I take my shirt off and am hairy as hell.

“Eeeewww, sasquatch, go back to the Geico commercials!” says Raven, as some girls laugh.

“Someone lost money on their car insurance,” I reply, as some girls and Rob laugh.

“I did, fuck that company and their annoying little lizard, stomp on that shit,” replies Raven, as we all laugh.

I lay down to enjoy the view but look around and see that my wing is just surrounded by three hot blondes, one of the Latinas and her blonde friend. Rob is with the blonde that came with Raven, another blonde, a brunette, and then the Latina and blonde that walk away from hanging around my wing and towards Rob. Meanwhile, Sam is with the three women we initially met at the bar, one of them somewhat older.

With my shirt off, I am sunbathing and then Raven, one with dark hair and blue eyes, and this tall slim brunette with a ponytail lay down next to me. I am relatively chill about this but as bad as it sounds, have not been in this situation before. The cold approacher in me is all too used to chasing women that I have never gotten used to actually having women come to me. Don’t panic, don’t panic….I tell myself.

“No jokes at all? I was liking the roasting!” I tell Raven.

“You can roast in the sun, especially with that rug you are wearing over your body,” she replies, out loud. The two girls bust out laughing as Rob yells “damn!”.

“I’ll give some of it to you to put in your car,” I reply, trying to be funny.

“Brrrr, lame!” replies Raven, making a buzzer sound. I smile as awkward silence ensues. Raven is clearly an alpha female at this rate but screw it, enjoy the sun and the surprise day off.

I feel a body pushing against mines, the pale girl with black hair and blue eyes is rubbing her skin against mines. She looks into my eyes and smiles. I am not sure what it is about her but she has this arousing and seductive look. This girl is easily the shortest one in the group but she is slim and looks somewhat foreign, almost Balkan or Mediterranean.

“Hey,” I whisper, smiling.

“Hey,” she replies, laughing. We will call her Blue for now.

“Hay pass me the beer!” shouts Raven, out loud as we look over.

The brunette with the ponytail looks in shock but then walks over near me smiling. Brunette lays down near me too, she seems to know the blue-eyed girl. Not long after, I make some small talk with the two of them as Blue rubs my hairy chest. The tanned brunette put her leg over my crotch and she smiled like almonds. We will call the tanned brunette Tan.

“You two know each other,” I say.

“Haha, yes, we are former roommates,” replies Tan.

“Oh, here in Miami?” I asked.

“No haha, in LA,” replied Blue.

“Oh what city are you two originally from?” I asked.

“Paris,” replied Blue.

“Milan,” replied Tan.

“So fancy wines and a rivalry, I like that,” I reply, as the two end up laughing.

“So tell me about yourself!” said Raven, popping her head next to mines, smiling.

“Whoa! The Shining!” I said, laughing as the two girls laughed with me.

“Ass!” replied Raven, softly pinching my ear.

As the bodies of Tan and Blue rubbed against mines, I felt my cock getting as hard as a rock. Blue put her hand on the back of my neck and then shifted to my shoulder as Tan was looking out. It was hot as balls and unlike everyone else, I probably forgot to put my sunscreen on. I put my head on Blue’s shoulder as she giggled with my beard tickling her.

At the same time, I put my arm around Tan’s waist. Tan’s skin felt soft, like really soft. Moments later, Tan put her head on my shoulder and I don’t even remember what we talked about. Meanwhile, I was happy yet worried about Raven going quiet. I didn’t bother at all but then I looked over to see her looking off at the skyline as the boat went.

“We having Corona or Claws?” asked Wing.

“I’ll take a Claw,” I replied, knowing how normal beers make your breath stink.

“Claws,” replied Tan and Blue.

Tan and Blue would drink and after getting a Claw herself, Raven joined in. I tried not to say too much as Raven was the chatty one but I remember teasing Tan and Blue when Raven brought up a party. My take was them being bougee because they are French and Italian.

Moments later, I felt it. You ever had your cock so hard but then felt like it was only moments from cumming and you feel that high? I started to control my breaths but no dice, it was still hard as hell. I also start acting a bit aroused by kissing Tan on her shoulder as she awkwardly laughed. What the fuck was going on with me?

“That’s not how you cool someone down on a boat, slippy,” said Raven. Obviously, Raven’s smartass had to keep making comments. I put my face against Tan’s shoulder.

“I don’t get how we are burning over here and her body is cool,” I said.

“Because unlike you, we are cool,” replied Raven, as Tan and Blue laughed. I had nothing to say but I had to hide my frustration from this fucking smartass. I put my head against Blue’s shoulder.

“She is warm,” I said, probably being a total creep right now but I didn’t care.

“And you are weird,” said Raven.

“And you are mean,” I replied.

“And you are sensitive,” she said.

“And you are judgmental,” I replied.

“Says the guy who judges women for having cool skin under warm weather,” replied Raven.

“Too long (buzzer sound),” I replied, as Tan and Blue laughed.

No Raven, you are not going to crack my frame you fucking smartass. We all take a sip of our Claws. Blue has the Mango one and she gets me to take a sip. We end up taking a sip of each other’s Claws. I so want to ask for their IGs but my fucking phone is dead. Plus, Raven is right there, who knows what bullshit she will come up with. I am starting to momentarily feel like I hate her but realize that I just need to play around with her. She wasn’t bad looking but it seemed like she was too much for the other guys.

Then I notice that Blue was taking an Insta story with me and Tan so I smile at the camera.

“Let’s the cool kid in this one, get over here,” I said, gently kicking Raven.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” replied Raven, in a playful way.

“Whoa, Strong Woman!” I replied.

“You hoes are getting in my story!” said Raven, taking a story of us.

“What is your Instagram?” asked Blue.

“Yeah here, let me give mines to all of you since my phone is dead,” I replied.

I give all three my Instagram. In that moment, I feel a dilemma. I want to fuck so Tan really bad, I love her from the way she smells to her tanned look. Blue is also cute but she is pale as fuck. I am entertaining my talks with Blue while trying to get Tan involved. Tan is somewhat cold at first, being the quieter one but then warms up. I gently squeeze her side and hear a light groan as she puts her leg over my crotch.

Right when things were going so well, disaster strikes. I had been on NoFap and so into Tan. I could just imagine how I would eat her out and the things that I would do to her. My thoughts were so nasty and overwhelming that I ended up cumming. Thankfully, my cock was rested under my leg so I really got cum on the back of my thigh but it was a nervous moment.

The good news is that the boat had turned around a while back and we had not realized how much time had passed, it had been hours. However, as all who have done NoFap know, you can bust a huge load. I feel the cum dripping down from my thigh so I gently shift it over while talking to Tan, Raven, and Blue.

We arrive back to our location as both Blue and Tan get up. Blue and Tan offer to help me up but I smile and tell them I can do it myself. They head over while looking back at me. I am nervous, not knowing what is going to drip out when I stand up.

“Here is a towel, be subtle” whispered Raven, looking at me and winking. I quickly wipe the area of my leg that had the cum. Tan has turned around while Blue is looking and smiling.

I get enough of it off and keep the towel, folding it so the cum is not showing. Rob had to leave so the girls left with him. Wing was having an afterparty at his place but Tan had a class and Wing had dinner with her cousin in town. I decided to still go to Wing’s afterparty which I will talk about on my next post.

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