Wing’s Afterparty (3/13/23)

After what was an embarrassing boat trip with Tan and Blue leaving, I decided to take my Wing’s offer for the afterparty. The three blondes came as well as the Latina and Raven tagged along. In all, it was 5 girls and 2 of us. This is the same Wing who was involved with me when we pulled together a while back. My phone was dead while the Latina and I rode with Raven.

I’ve not had the time to talk about the Latina’s look much but she actually didn’t even look that Latina at first. She had freckles, black hair, and a face that could have easily passed for Middle Eastern, Balkan or Mediterranean.

I found the subtle segregation kind of hilarious as a guy with black hair and tanned skin. The brunettes in the boat went for me while the blondes went for my wing and Rob. I used to love blondes but over the years, find that brunettes are more receptive and just give better sex so it’s mutual. Raven drove us but was surprisingly quiet. The Latina got out of the car first as I remained with the Latina closing the door.

“I know you bust a nut back there, that was funny,” said Raven, laughing.

“You are a sharp one,” I replied.

“I know what I know,” she replied.

We headed to Wing’s apartment which was a luxury suite in the city. Yeah, the guy is set financially for the most part. We arrive and Wing has all of the drinks as well. Thankfully, he also has a charger for my phone so I get it charged. We all sit around in his massive living room as he turns up the music, he was always more of a party animal than I was.

One of the blondes is really digging Wing while the other looks on. The blonde practically sits on Wing’s lap while the two other blondes sat on the couch with him. I sit on the nearby couch with Raven and the Latina with her. Wing passes around shot glasses and asks us all to do a shot of this special liquor he got from his visit to New Orleans. New Orleans, oh boy….this is going to get interesting. We all do it.

“This is some strong shit,” says one of the blondes.

“How would you know?” asked the other blonde.

“I am a bartender, that’s how!” replied the blonde.

Yeah, she was right, this was some strong fucking shit. I am not even sure what my wing has us on. The dude can definitely drink and has strong alcohol tolerance so he asks us to do another shot. For a moment I am about to say no but all others in the room are doing shots so fuck it, I go with it and do a shot. The second one hits me hard and I just realized I did not even ask what this shit is a shot of. Wing drinks a bit from the bottle as the bartender blonde stops him.

“You are gonna end up in ER from that!” says the blonde.

“Here,” says the wing, putting the bottle against her mouth.

“Dude, quit!” says the bartender, grabbing the bottle and setting it aside.

This is some strong shit and I am starting to slightly fade. Lately, I have lost a good bit of weight too so the drinks hit me harder. I have not gone out and had a drink for a few months now either so there’s that. What the fuck did I just get myself into?

You get to that point of drunk where you feel like people’s voices are fading in a way and you know it is that level of drunk you are getting to? I was there and I feel like others were getting there too. Raven leans heavily on me and I just grab her ass while putting my face against her ears. She is all good with it while three of the blondes are making out with my wing. I feel my back being rubbed, it’s the Latina.

Time either sped up or did something but the one silver lining is that my cock was hard again. I did not think I would be able to pull that off after the embarrassing episode on the boat but I felt the blood just rush to my cock. I start to lay back and make out with both Raven and the Latina who are all over me. The only thing I remember is my hand in Raven’s panties and a hand being on my cock, not sure if it was Raven or the Latina.

I was out, like really out, and so was just about everyone else. I am not even sure if I fucked, that’s how strong that shit was. I just remember relaxing and being out without a care in the world. Then when I woke up, it was nighttime, like past dinner. The Latina is still sleeping and Raven is barely awake along with two of the blondes just waking up. Wing and one of the blondes he had apparently fucked are both out.

However, as strong as the alcohol may have been, I did not have any sort of a hangover. About an hour later, Wing finally woke up and so did the blonde with him. Everyone started to look fresh and not lazy at all from a hangover like you usually would. I was not aware enough to ask what the heck we just had and Wing had proposed that we all go to a local favorite restaurant. Surprisingly, everyone is down but almost no one brought the proper clothes.

I tell Wing that I will get dressed and meet him there, everyone else pretty much does the same. We all go but then when I get there, we realize that some have not shown up. The bartender blonde is out and so is the Latina. It is just me, Raven, the two blondes, and Wing. That is what happens whenever there is a disruption in the momentum you have going, guarantee it, whenever people go back home to get dressed some will rarely meet you again that night.

The rest of the night goes well and I have some intimate conversations with the Latina and Raven. At one point, it is just us talking to each other that night. A couple of guys cut in including one flashing his Lambo at which point Raven looks at him and says “that’s adorable” before looking back at me and talking. That kind of shit will make you feel powerful as a man, when women are blowing off other men talking to them just to talk to you. I am thinking about it but then I start to propose plans with Raven and the Latina.

I start talking about the pool in my building and tell them about how they can get a nice view of one of Miami’s most underrated neighborhoods. They start asking me about the building a bit and the neighborhood.

“Yeah, literally every other apartment is like that in Miami these days,” says Raven, damn this chick is busting my balls at every turn.

“For someone like you, I am surprised every single one isn’t,” I reply, as the Latina laughed.

Raven playfully pushed me as we all talked. I back off of proposing my rooftop but follow the Latina on IG as she follows me back. Raven turns around and says she is actually interested in exploring my neighborhood and I tell her I can show her and the Latina around this weekend. Latina tells me she has to travel back to Illinois to see family and Raven says she is going to celebrating St. Patty’s with her family visiting in town.

The night slowly starts to wind down and for some reason, I didn’t try to pull to my spot. I could have but now I look back with regret. Maybe that is the downfall of the social circle game, you lose your killer instinct and are too laid back to act on an opportunity. It was a fun time and I genuinely enjoyed hanging out with everyone.

Wing clearly closed with the blonde that night while Raven and the Latina headed back. Could I have let a great opportunity pass? Perhaps. However, what happened happened and only time would tell in the coming weeks if anything comes of it.

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