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The women in your love life say a lot about your value as a man.

Lately, I have received a few messages about the Raiders signing Jimmy Garoppolo and how an article went out about how he is offered free sex for life at the legalized brothels in Vegas. Before I give my opinion and the point of this post, I am going to give my readers some background.

Prostitution in the US.

In the US, prostitution is illegal except for a few select counties in Nevada. While prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas itself, it is legal in certain counties in Nevada. If a county has less than 400k residents, then prostitution can be made legal there. You can read more about that here. The licensed brothels are located in 10 of the state’s 16 counties and far away from Vegas.

The reason this is relevant is because the Raiders are no longer in Oakland, California but rather in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those of you unfamiliar with football and Jimmy G.

Jimmy plays the Quarterback position which is one of the most valuable positions and the most prestigious one in football. Coming of college, he was drafted by the Patriots and played behind the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady. While Brady was suspended for a few games, Jimmy played well as his replacement.

From there, a rift happened within the Patriots and Tom did not want Jimmy around. Jimmy got traded to the 49ers for a really good offer but that didn’t work out. Then, recently, the Raiders got rid of Derek Carr and went looking for a QB. So now, Jimmy is a Raider. For Jimmy’s life story, click here.

Now for the post.

As an average guy, you might look at this and think that this is the peak of masculinity or the peak of what men should aspire to be like. The younger me would love to have been in this situation. When I got older, I realized that the role models you have ultimately determine the kind of guy you start to become. So let’s talk about why in this case, you can pay for school but you can’t buy class as famously said by Sean Carter.

Why Jimmy is actually underperforming, both on and especially OFF the field.

On the field, Jimmy was never that great of a quarterback and any NFL fan will tell you that. However, off the field on the dating market, Jimmy is way underperforming. In fact, the kinds of women that Jimmy gets, most guys who do game and cold approach could easily get. You don’t believe me? Ask yourself, would you pay a lot for a date like this? Imagine calling what is below your Beyonce…

A big contract and you call that your Beyonce.

Pause for one second and if you need to run to the bathroom to puke, many more. However, if one of your friends or wingmen is at the club talking to that kind of quality, set him straight. Grab him by the collars and go “what is you doing bro!?”. Do not ever let a bro or a wing get with something like that unless both of you are blacked out drunk.

I have no issues with an NFL Quarterback banging gutter trash. My issue is when this gets highlighted as the guy having “game” when THAT is what he is paying for dates with. I do not care one bit if he eats lasagna off of her crotch, I just don’t want my news feed to speak about that. I don’t want the news to speak about this to men as something they should want. When you are an NFL Quarterback with record breaking contracts, you should be not banging that. When a guy has a record contract and tens of millions but that is what he is dating? You know something is really off about him.

In other words, this man had the ability to buy a whole damn university and still couldn’t buy any class.

For any guy reading this, the woman by your arm and the women in your bed say a lot about you. Judge any dating coach you follow or any role model you look up to by the women in his life whether they are his wife or his flings. Judge your friends and your wingman by the kinds of women they bring home. Judge your sons by the kinds of women they date. The women in your love life say a lot about you as a man.

So you might be inclined to ask, what does performing well off-the-field look like?

Let’s use some examples. The gold standard, and I would even say the diamond standard, is Cristiano Ronaldo in his prime. When you date a woman who leaves you and then goes to Bradley Cooper as her rebound, you know are state of the art. Here is some eye bleach for all of you who were close to vomiting from that filth that they call a “pornstar”.

In her prime, the woman that A List actors fought for.

Even more impressive, look at who Ronaldo was running through in his prime. Supermodels, famous actresses, Kim K, and women that neither the vast majority of men could not even pay to be near. Compare this to paying a couple grand max to nut on some cheap whorehouse trash. I get it, you guys might be saying this is unfair. I am comparing a prime athlete in a game that is far more popular on a global scale than American Football will ever be. Fine, let’s keep it to just the NFL.

Let’s look at the NFL Players who are indeed killing it off the field. I am sure I am going to miss a lot of names but what’s even more remarkable is how these guys are doing well despite not being the Quarterback. Let’s look at former NFL Wideout Julian Edelman. The Wide Receiver is a far less prestigious position in the game than the Quarterback but Julian pulls Adriana Lima! Yes, a woman who was one of the most sought after models on the planet.

When she is checking to see her turn to be a “wideout”

Let’s give props to someone like Reggie Bush who pulled Kim Kardashian when he was still very early in his NFL career. However you may feel about Kim, her popularity at the time was unreal. Reggie Bush is a runningback which is an NFL position that usually has a short career and takes a lot of beatings. In fact, you can say the Reggie definitely felt it here. However, he ends up dating someone who, at the time, was one of the most well-known women on the planet.

Years before she dated Ye, back when Reggie was too young for a quarter-life crisis.

Finally, the man Jimmy tried to walk in the footsteps of and the greatest to ever play the quarterback position, Tom Brady. I get it, people joke and say Giselle isn’t hot but then you realize that she was a Victoria’s Secret supermodel that was dating DiCaprio! The kind of woman that is regarded as the best looking and at the top of the female hierarchy amongst women, the supermodel. This is not to mention that before her, he was dating a famous actress. Even now, he has women on Instagram jumping on him in a heartbeat.


What do all of the women in the lives of these men have in common?

The fact that none of us, barring some miracle where we become celebs ourselves, will ever have access to them. Most of you reading this post can go to any of the brothels and get the women Jimmy does. A lot of you on a drunk night could probably hook up with a Kiara Mia and be too embarrassed to even tell your friends about it. You could probably screw a pornstar for the right price. If you made friends with porn producers and brothel owners, you’d be hitting it for free.

If you feel questionable about the quality, just go to the websites of most of these Nevada brothels. Most of you in here could probably pull better looking women than the vast majority of women broadcasted on those sites. These “legal” brothels usually attract women that can’t make it that far in porn, aren’t hot enough to be models, or are way past their prime in porn. The better looking women are often private escorts and see these places as beneath them.

However, barring some crazy miracle, you are not going to get a Victoria Secret supermodel in your life. If a guy is pulling women of superb beauty or the kind of status that comes with that (Victoria Secret model or Miss Universe winner), then that is game worth respecting. Maybe some of you are not of the monogamous type, fine, I respect that. Then look up to someone like a prime Cristiano Ronaldo, someone who ran through the who’s who of sought after women rather than dumpster quality pornstars.

My point being, you should be dating and sleeping with quality as your value goes up as a guy.

A Kiara Mia is okay when you are a total newbie who has never gotten laid. However, when you become better looking and better off in life, you do not need to be around that. You should be going for more quality flings rather than the kinds of women you would be embarrassed to show your friends. You should judge your fellow man and any guy you take advice from by the quality of women he gets.

Some of you might say I am Pornstar Shaming, fine, I will even say that you can date a pornstar as long as she does not look like gutter trash. If this was a Lana Rhoades, I would have a tougher guy judging the man. Even in porn, there are levels. There is a big difference between a trashy old hag that calls herself a “MILF” versus a woman that is worth your money on a date despite the fact a bunch of guys have hit it.

Slightly harder to pull from a club.

This is why there is nothing special about Jimmy and why you should not want to be like him. Let’s forget the fact that he sucks as a Quarterback. Let’s focus on the fact that despite tens of millions of dollars, the guy is dumpster diving. Meanwhile, even someone who I consider to be a fraud like Dan Bilzerian is doing way better in quality. I hate Dan but despite being shorter and less wealthy than Jimmy, he is doing better than Jimmy is.

There are women in this pic you would be happy to brag about dating.

Long story short, be Tom, don’t be Jimmy.

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