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An unfortunate truth about life in America as a single guy.

America only has three great cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.

– Tennessee Williams

Some of you may have heard the quote above and for others, the quote above is new. I don’t agree with the list of cities as someone who is not a fan of either San Francisco or New Orleans. I do, however, agree with the point of the quote. If you are a single guy in the US, especially one with dreams of meeting lots of beautiful and available women, there are only a small number of cities in America that even matter.

For outsiders and non-Americans that may be reading, “Cleveland” is a city in Ohio. In many ways, Cleveland is synonymous with the boring marriage at 25 with kids and a house lifestyle. Church on Sundays and PTA meetings for your kids at every turn. The kind of lifestyle that would be the antithesis of meeting and getting with a lot of single women.

In order to have a great and successful dating life as a single guy in the US, there are only a handful of cities that matter.

Yes, I am telling you that about 95% of this country is irrelevant to you if you want to live the player lifestyle. I have tons of guys reaching out to me for advice and when I ask them for details, I notice that they are located in Podunk. You are not going to have a great dating life and meet lots of attractive and amazing women in Podunk. In fact, I am going to list four cities in the United States that are conductive to meeting attractive women and hooking up with them. Those cities are:

  • New York
  • LA
  • Miami
  • Chicago

You can call other cities whatever you want to call them but I am going to call them a waste of your time. Some will argue and say Las Vegas should be in there but I am going to leave it as a wildcard. A lot of pickup guys do bootcamps there but it has also declined tremendously as a city, now being a far trashier version of itself and attracting the worst of humanity and I am not just talking about the Raiders.

If you do not live in what I call the Big 4 of American cities, your dating will never truly be great. Sure, if you are looking to find your future wife or settle down, that is a different story. However, if you want to truly have that revolving door of attractive women in your life, you must live in the Big 4.

The reality everywhere else.

We can all agree that small towns and small cities in general suck for men. Even if you do get going, there is not a big enough pool for you to keep adding women into your life. However, some might throw in other big cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, or whatever. Here is why I believe that most other big cities outside of the Big 4 are a massive waste of your time.

They are way too social circle-heavy.

In Atlanta, where I gamed for a decent while, everything runs on a social circle. If you want to date and hook up with hot girls, you must invest in a big popular social circle. In some cases, these social circles are tough to break into as they are based on what fraternity you were in during your college days or where you even went to college. Most other big cities are like Atlanta, they are a closed off social circle where outsiders cannot easily enter.

To make matters more complicated, cold approach is shunned in these places. You can do “daygame” for a while in NYC and Miami, no one will care. In Atlanta, people will start to care which is why not a lot of PUAs run their bootcamps there or in a place like Dallas. So already, this knocks out one major powerful aspect of your game. You literally cannot rely on daygame anymore because of how taboo it is in these kinds of places.

Speaking of taboo, how closed off and morally self-righteous these environments get.

You think the “Cancel Culture” feminists are bad in NYC? Wait until you deal with the Bible Thumpers in the Bible Belt who will remind you of who invented Cancel Culture. Here is the reality, in most of America and even the world, a man sleeping around with a lot of random women is quite taboo. In most of America, you are supposed to get married quickly (by 30 at the latest), have kids, and be a “family man”. If you deviate from that, expect the mob to come after you.

People will try with all of their might to get you to “settle down” and find “a nice girl”. To them, a guy over the age of 25 sleeping around with attractive women is taboo. Such a guy pokes at the insecurities of men who settled down too soon and now envy a man who is living out his prime. This is what about 95% of America, perhaps even close to 98% of it, is like.

And you will fail even if you are better.

You can look better and have better game than local guys but still lose out because they happened to have been in a certain fraternity in college. You can be a more interesting and worldly guy but lose out to some Bubba because he happened to have some strange local Good Ole Boy Status. The few hot girls that are in that environment never grew past their high school days and are still under strict supervision from their social circle so they practically have to go for those guys.

Being in the Big 4 is not good enough, you have to be in the areas of those Big 4 that actually matter.

It is not enough that you live in NYC, you must live in Manhattan. If I just say NYC, you might be one of those few who make the deadly mistake of living on Long Island. In fact, the only areas of NYC that really matter are Manhattan and certain parts of Brooklyn like Williamsburg. Everywhere else is a waste of your time and just an overcompensating version of Dallas with a higher price tag.

The same can be said of any of the other Big 4. In Miami, it works against you if you are not living in a Brickell or a Miami Beach. If you live elsewhere in the city, logistics get in your way, and approaching locally is tough. Certain malls in the city are also banning daygame and will kick you out if they notice that, they are usually outside of the two major neighborhoods.

Too much work right?

It is, because that is just how taboo the lifestyle of getting with a lot of attractive women instead of settling down after the age of 25 is. If you are not in the Big 4, you are setting yourself back in a major way. The Big 4 are the only places in America where you can freely daygame, talk to attractive women, and expect to get laid. Same can be said of nightgame, you can go to venues where the cliques aren’t tight.

Don’t feel angry about the way of life in the rest of the country, those women are going to be sleeping with you when they visit the Big 4 (as they love to) anyways.

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