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The truth about Music Festivals and Spring Break

As some may know, a weekend ago in Miami, we had Ultra which is the biggest music festival of the year in Miami. Ultra also overlaps with Spring Break here in Miami, in other words, the city becomes a shitshow. Thanks to some social circle connections, I was able to get VIP for Ultra. As much as I wanted to share that long story, and might some day, I wanted to go back on sharing my opinions and experiences through the usual posts.

Every year, thousands of men will flock to a given destination for Spring Break or a Music Festival that goes on in the hopes of sex. Often, these events get hyped up as the prime places to be if you want to get girls or get laid. However, based on my observations in going to them for years and seeing how things actually end up, I wanted to give you all the reality.

How hooking up usually happens at Music Festivals and Spring Breaks.

The media stereotypes that people are getting laid and hooking up at the event itself. The underlying point seems to be that guy goes to the event, meets a random girl, and then they hook up. While this does happen, it usually isn’t the case. Most of the times, guys who score and get laid at these events are often doing so before the event itself.

Most of the hooking-up happens within a circle that is at the event. Girls already come with guys they are hooking up with or are set to meet them at the event. If a guy does get with a new girl at such events, he approached her well before the event, and then at the event they hooked up. The actual event itself is a terrible place for meeting women and this is where the fights happen as a result.

The other reason these festivals are terrible for hooking up.

Music Festivals suck for the same reason that nightclubs with good DJs suck for hooking up, people are there for the music. When people go to the actual festival, they are there to see their favorite DJs and hang with their friends. A lot of times, the groups are not even open to meeting new people. The meeting up and opportunities happen either well before a festival or afterwards when the crowd crashes at a certain nightclub.

Most men also get tired of these events.

The typical Music Festival is loaded with drugs and eventually smells like vomit. Portable toilets have a mile-long line full of drinks and drugged-out fans that need to go. Once you are past a certain age, these events become more of a nuisance than anything else. This is why most guys who do these events right prefer to wait a given nightclub or spot where the crowd will be crashing at or meet girls throughout the day.

A lot of guys I know who are successful do not even bother going to these events because of how degenerate they can get. No one wants to be around vomit, passed out drunks, passed out druggies, and pointless fights happening due to frustrated men that cannot get laid.

The game changer for guys who do score at these events?

For men that do score at these events, the game changer is VIP access. When you know the DJ and are in VIP, all of the women at the event that are there are desperately trying to get near you. I know of guys who buy VIP at these events, bring hot girls with them, and are really picky about what new girls can enter their VIP area. For the new girls that do enter, these guys usually make sure that these are the kinds of girls to put out. I have seen college-aged girls promise blowjobs to guys if they let them near VIP.

The true winners at these events are men who can get themselves into VIP through knowing a DJ or having connections. Some girls will even ditch a guy they were supposed to get with for the VIP guy who later leads her to an afterparty where he scores. Outside of that, most successful men do not even bother with these events.

Once you get VIP access to a Music Festival, you will never look at it the same way. You legitimately start to feel how degenerate and below you the average guy partying at the vomit grounds is. You get to call the shots on which women can enter and which ones cannot. All the while, the average dude is spam approaching and getting blown out left and right at these places.

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