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April 7, 2023: A former classmate and the most unlikely wing.

After what has been a long hiatus from night game, I got back into it. In fact, it’s been quite some time since I got a steady game routine going like the one I used to have. So much has been going on with my life and so many distractions in general that I want to talk about in other posts. When Friday came, I decided to say screw it. I know I needed to be back out there and had been out of my consistent game routine for far too long.

I have let a lot of time slip by due to health issues in recent months as well as other things. Months have flown by since I have been out of the game and it was driving me insane. I missed those nights of going out, talking to women, and doing my thing. In the first week of April, you can even call it Aries season, I cracked. I had enough in terms of being away from game and knew I had to be back out there.

As Friday approached, I said screw it. I ended up hitting up some of my wings until one said he is down. I’ve only winged with this guy a couple of times but my main wings were one. My best wing has unfortunately fallen into the social circle life and I felt more like going cold. I post some stories of my time out in town as I am out and about.

The night comes and I hit the usual Friday night spot. The weather was great and there were a lot of hot girls out and about. My wing had not arrived but I approached a group of three women who were from out of town. All of them were visiting from Tampa. The group had two brunettes and a blonde, all of them hot. I don’t even remember my lines that well or what I said but the blonde pulled the group away.

My wing shows up and I just remember doing at least a good four approaches. I don’t get immediately blown out in all of them and in all, it took us all an hour to do them. I got three IGs in those approaches, including one of a girl who works at a major nightclub and said that it was going to get big due to UFC 287.

After that, my wing and I take a break from the approaching and sit at a table as it is approaching close to 10. At this spot, 10 to 11 is the magic hour. The sets fill up fast and there are not too many guys around. After 11, it gets really bad as every Pickup Artist in town, dating coach, or spam approacher floods into the venue and the girls start getting creeped out. As a result, the shields go up and it becomes increasingly more difficult to pull.

I check my phone and then one of my stories gets a comment. A girl, who we will call Liz, I knew from back in college and added to my IG a couple of years later comments on my story, saying that she is actually in town and asked me where I am at. I tell her about the spot and she tells me she is heading over with her two friends. I am a bit shocked at her DMing me.

Liz is quite attractive so I am puzzled by why she doesn’t have a promoter hitting her up for the exclusive spots in town. As a former porn addict, the closest lookalike to Liz that I could give you is retro French pornstar Rebecca Lord. If you are not at work and happen to be in private, you can look her up. Liz has the black hair, blue eyes, chiseled face, and slim figure.

I met Liz in an elective class I was taking in college. Despite the fact that I was nowhere near my peak, I was an outspoken guy and socialized a lot in my electives. I got Liz’s number towards the end of the semester but nothing ever came of it. A semester later, Liz graduated. From what I remember, she got a job in Atlanta and then moved to NYC where she has been since. We would occasionally go back and forth with her liking my pics and stories and me liking hers but it never happened because of how things panned out.

In my NYC days, I was too busy chasing new tail and swarmed with online dating options that I never looked back. Plus, I was in the stage of forgetting about my college years and Liz reminded me of them. Despite her being hot, being around her or any of my old college classmates almost gave me a reminder on how I underachieved with game during my college days. It would take a while for me to get past that mental hurdle.

It hits me how underrated Southern women can be for their looks when it is done right. Maybe it is because I spent years in Manhattan and saw how god-awful local NYC women looked, particularly the Italians, so I can appreciate a southern girl more. However, I look back amazed at how sexy some Southern women were compared to American women elsewhere. After all, even the legendary model Megan Fox came from Tennessee.

As I wait for Liz to arrive, we notice that the spot is filling up with opportunities. Women are outnumbering men at least 5 to 1 right now. The new me is not like the old me just thinking, I immediately start approaching. The first two sets I do, I get blown out. After that, I hit it off well with these two hot blondes who were both visiting from Canada. One is from Toronto and the other is from more rural Ontario. No surprise, Toronto girl seems more overly dressed up and playing games while rural Ontario girl is approachable and down to earth.

A good chunk of our time is spent talking to the two blondes and now I have a tough decision to make. In game and in life, I feel like there are these decisions you make in those split seconds that can change the course of the night or your life (if we are talking about life). If I stick around with the two Canadian blondes, who knows where it can go? However, what if they end up being teases? It is still a bit early in the night. At the same time, I get a DM from Liz asking me where I am at. I make the decision to leave the set and find Liz, whispering to my wing he can hang with the two blondes.

I walk around and notice that the ratios are starting to slowly get tighter. This is the time when the PUAs flood in and girls get spam approached. I see Liz but two guys are talking to her, including one muscular dude with dark hair. If I listened to the black pill, I would have given up then and there but I stick around. Come to find, Liz is there with two of her friends and one of the two guys is clearly blowing the set. It is the shorter guy talking too much and getting too handsy with Liz who backs away from him. Then the girl Liz is with drags her away laughing as I am there waiting.

Liz immediately approaches me with a bright smile on her face and I come to find that the two people she is with are actually a couple. The couple know Liz because she used to work with the woman and they were in town for someone’s bachelorette party. Liz and I catch up on old times and how things have been and I get touchy with her, not much resistance going on. I am able to find an open outdoor table for the couple and Liz.

I sit near Liz as we are catching up on old times. Here, I won’t bore a lot of you with dialogue but Liz is still in NYC. From what she told me, she has been looking for a break from the city and it’s getting more dangerous there. I get to the mentality now that Liz is probably my only girl for the night to hang around but have to talk myself out of the pressure of performing.

Liz tells me about how unsafe life in NYC is these days and how much sketchy guys are there. I joke and tease her saying she always had a lot of feistiness and fight to her which causes her to playfully hit me. Not long after, Liz and I talk about the craziness of NYC and the various bars there. I share my story of going to House Of Wax and seeing a massive dude in a thong.

“Yeah, I bet you were licking your lips and all excited,” says Liz.

“For sure but I knew I was out in public so I had to contain my excitement Liz,” I replied, as she laughed, hitting me again.

“Hey, you look like Anne Hathway,” says some random dude in a Miami Hurricanes hat. Oh boy, that’s a new one, a guy coming in to interrupt an interaction that is going well. I look at Liz the whole time smiling with my arm around her lower back as she ignores the guy.

“Cute shirt bro, my little brother wears that,” says the guy.

“Thank you,” I reply, turning to him almost less than halfway with a smile and then turning back to Liz.

“Sorry about that, so House Of Wax, crazy place,” I reply as Liz looks at me and gives me a devious smile.

“You’ve really changed,” says Liz. We stare off into each other’s eyes and I am lost in her blue and beautiful eyes. For any readers, never compliment a woman on her eyes or genetic gifts, always on her style. The tone of our convos slows down as Liz is practically sitting on my lap as we chat.

“Yo yo yo, that’s my boy right there, go get em MB,” says a voice as it taps me on the shoulder. Lo and behold, one of the spam approachers from the pickup chat I am a part of. I look back less than halfway, smile, nod, and then look to Liz and apologize.

“Got friends now?” asked Liz.

Now I have a great pivot into a recent life development. This has absolutely nothing to do with Easter but recently, I got a pet rabbit. The local animal shelter apparently got a bunch of them and I was always interested in rabbits, Playboy might have had something to do with it. Here goes my moment to see where I can take it.

“Speaking of friends, I got a new one from a shelter,” I reply.

“A dog?” she asked, as I shook my head.

“A cat?” she asked, as I shook my head.

“Oh my god, do not tell me you are one of those weirdos with a freaking python or something,” said Liz, out loud.

“No, one more guess and it has nothing to do with Easter,” I reply.

“No, no way, you got a pet bunny?” she asked, excitedly.

“Yes, got her from a shelter, she is only a baby right now though so super hyper. Had to work her out a lot this morning and afternoon,” I replied.

“Pics or you are bullshitting me,” replied Liz.

“How about videos,” I reply, showing her a video of my rabbit running around doing Zoomies. Liz is getting hyper-touchy with me and I realize that I have been talking to her for a bit without figuring out any logistics. What else does she have going on?

“So Liz, what do you and the team have going on tonight?” I asked.

“Nothing much, we were taking it easy tonight and going out tomorrow night,” she said, as I noticed how hands off her friends are to her hanging out with me.

“Say what, I got a rooftop pool at my place with pool in it and if you guys aren’t too drunk, I can introduce you to my new best friend,” I reply.

To my surprise, Liz offers up no objections and her friends come along as well. We Uber back to my place. The only downfall is that the pool in my building closes after midnight and we are past that. Whatever, maybe the staff can kick us out. We go and arrive at the pool and then get the views. About an hour passes of good conversations and a fun time but the couple seems like they have to go soon.

I initially invite everyone out to see my pet but the couple turns me down while Liz is excited, in fact even pushing for it. The couple head on out, likely understanding what my real intentions were, and I take Liz to my apartment to see the rabbit. Liz is amazed by it and gets in its pen, playing with it. Thankfully, my bun is social for a shelter rabbit since I got it as a baby. I give Liz some cilantro and leafy greens to feed to it as it eats from her hand, happy with her petting it.

We chill out together, getting handsy with each other in front of my pet. I feel that blood rush and excitement of potentially closing a girl that I never could in college. Then, I finally hit Liz with one line.

“You know one thing rabbits love to do a lot,” as she looks at me and smiles. I go for the kiss and make out without resistance.

From there on out, it is easy getting Liz naked and fucking. Somehow, my performance anxiety seemed to go away in that moment. A big part of it is because I ate Liz out for quite some time and she had a couple of orgasms from that. I’d get too hard talking in detail about the sex itself but we did it multiple times that night and a few times in the morning.

Liz and I had some sweet pillow talks. She told me about how it is so hard to find a good fuck in NYC as half the guys are gay and the others just try to act that way. I smirk a bit as she tells me about how macho and buff the dudes in Miami are. Said that she got horny by just being in the city. No wonder it is tough to get a long-term relationship going here.

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