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The hard truth about modern dating men deny.

Online game? Day game? Night game? Social game? Be rich or be popular? Look good or just make lots of money? How can I have success with women.

A story one of my MMA instructors told.

Very recently, I started doing MMA. In truth, I am just going to the free sample classes gyms offer before deciding on a gym. Here in Miami, MMA is huge and Miami is known for having some of the best gyms in the world. In North America, Miami is arguably the best city to train MMA in with gyms like ATT here.

As we were finishing up a BJJ class, an instructor answered a question from a student. The instructor is someone who has trained UFC fighters, including a couple of former champs. The student asked which is best to be competitive at MMA and if wrestling truly is the best way. The instructor elaborates on the reality of the UFC today.

Back when the UFC first came out in the 90s, you could know just BJJ or just wrestling and be a world champ. Now? Knowing those alone won’t even get you into the UFC or any major MMA promotion. Think about how much things have changed in just a few decades. Now a days, you need to be able to grapple, strike, and do almost all things proficiently in order to be competitive.

Parallels to dating.

Here is the truth about modern dating that most men want to deny but can only do for so long, it really is that competitive. The girl you want is getting hit up on Instagram, on the streets, at the clubs, on the apps, and you name it. Your competition and the top-tier men who are getting these girls are proficient in almost all the avenues. They are doing cold approach, building their social circles, getting pro photos done on dating apps, and hitting up bars and nightclubs. All the while, they are maxing out their looks and their finances. That is your competition.

While you can still meet women through spam approach PUA and just rely on one avenue, you are shooting yourself in the foot. If you are not improving your actual value as a man and learning game alongside that, you are shutting yourself off from the vast majority of good-looking women out there. Decades ago, you could just “learn game” and that was enough to get you into the top 20% of men. Now, that admission has gotten a lot stricter.

This is part of why even PUAs who used to sham looks decades ago are now telling men to work on their looks. This is why the black pill and red pill movements are getting popular, because more men are getting left out in the dust. It is getting rough out there. The typical girl with above-average looks has so many options flying in her face that she cannot entertain men that live lackluster lives.

If she can get a guy with a boat or someone with access to VIP at a club, why even bother with some pickup dork who posts on forums all day and just spam approaches?

Decades back, having game was enough. Now, you have to increase your value and have game on top of that in order to get the results you really want.

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  1. The way I think of it is like a video game patch that comes along however very slowly. We always encourage the ladies to try things. Social Media took off, guys who ignored it are left behind, guys who used it well leveled up. I wonder when the next patch is coming. This will never stop just have to keep coming up with ideas so you can be prepared for the next opportunity.

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