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The psychology of an exclusive nightclub

In recent months, I have had the chance to truly get plugged into Miami’s nightlife and in the process, meet DJs, promoters, and even a couple of club owners that work not just in Miami but across the country and world. We are all too familiar with nightclubs that are high-end and the ones that a lot of attractive women go to. Compared to your typical sausage fest of a nightclub, these places offer better ratios and often more attractive women.

However, if you are a guy in most cases, you have to pay a cover charge and at times even buy a table to get in. If you are a hot girl, you usually get in free. This leads to a lot of contempt and disdain from the average guys out there that label these places in all sorts of negative ways. When I talked to various workers and owners of these places, I got a different viewpoint.

“The dangers of a sausagefest”

One point I constantly saw come up was how sausagefests, aka way more dudes than women in a venue, are not just less than ideal but also at times dangerous. I talked to one club owner who used to be at a lower-end club in New Jersey decades ago. At the club itself, he said he saw fights break out almost every single night and some of these fights ended in guys being sent to hospitals. When he broke it down, he said that the club was usually a sausagefest and dance floors would be packed with drunk dudes dancing.

Whenever men saw an approachable or semi-good-looking woman, they would step over each other (at times literally) to talk to her. This led to a lot of confrontations. At times, the confrontations involved a boyfriend defending his girlfriend from sleazy guys who just wouldn’t let up.

“Average guys really have no value to offer and are a liability in every environment”

I have heard this opinion from almost everyone in nightlife. Average men offer nothing of value to the venue or to the people in it. Good-looking women have their looks to offer and the fact that most men are thirsty as hell and will drop money like crazy just to be in their vicinity. Average men on the other hand have absolutely nothing to offer and are a liability in every environment.

You have to worry about them creeping out women in the venue because they want to “run game”. You have to worry about them annoying valuable men in the venue because they don’t know when to leave people alone. You have to worry about them fighting or getting feisty with others. Even if they don’t become a total drain, you have bodies that add no value at all to the club.

So how can they add value? One is by money and paying the nightclub and the other is by bringing hot girls there.

“It is a business”

Will average guys pay money to be near other average guys? No. Will average guys pay money to be in the vicinity of attractive women? You bet! At the end of the day, nightclubs and nightlife is a business that often runs on slim margins. A friend of mines joked saying if you want to make a million bucks on a nightclub, spend two million to buy it.

Attractive women sell tables.

Attractive women draw in more people in general, including a lot of guys who hear that a club has attractive women in it.

As a matter of fact, you should hate your average man for being a thirsty piece of crap as opposed to hating women. It is because the average guy is so thirsty and desperate to be around attractive women that nightclubs operate how they do. Contrary to what the Red Pill says, the average guy is not your friend, he is anything but.

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