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The truth about men that blame race for their failures with women.

In recent months, I have had a lot of guys reach out to me about their beliefs that being short, brown, or anything outside of the stereotypically handsome standard will stop them from having dating success. Over the years, I have tried to work with quite a few men, especially Asian and Indian, in terms of helping them get better with women. A small number get it and finally start seeing results but a large number are still stuck in their heads.

First of all, I acknowledge that prejudice in dating is real.

There are certain cities on this planet I would never tell an Indian guy to game in. In some places, especially in Canada, an Indian guy with a hot white girl would be quite taboo and attract a lot of trouble. I acknowledge that minorities do have to be more mindful of the cities and parts of the world they game in. Now that is not to say that minorities also have places where they can do quite well.

There is acknowledging certain truths so you are not naive enough to tell some Indian dude to run game in small-town Canada. Then there is just whining and feeling like a victim. Some ethnic guys do this well in a sneaky way where they will try to come off as confident and taking action but as soon as you talk to them, it is the same ole “well whitey has it easy, just acknowledging facts here bro, I mean I will work even harder but whites have it easy”. These guys just do not get it.

Woman do not want second place men.

The problem with a lot of minorities, especially those that get into game and pickup, is that they have been trained to subconsciously see themselves as inferior. These days, tons of “dating coaches” and nonsense like the Black Pill have convinced guys that they are inferior just because of their race. While prejudice is real, you can’t be like these guys and constantly feel sorry for yourself and walk around with an inferiority complex.

Women will sniff that out fast. It doesn’t matter how loud and confident you act, if you feel like you need to overcompensate for your race, women will sniff it out. It will become clear in your actions and women will subconsciously realize that you know you suck compared to some white guy. I have seen it happen with Asian and Indian dudes who learn game time and time and time again.

So why are these men so stuck on the statistics and rationalizing their lack of success with women?

Why is it that these men so desperately want a ear to listen to them and tell them that it is okay for them to suck with girls because of their race?

Why is it that these men are more desperate than a Jehova’s Witness when it comes to spreading the message about how much their race is a handicap in dating?


Because they don’t genuinely want to become successful with women.

It does not matter what your race is, game is hard.

The amount you have to transform yourself as a guy who sucks with women in order to be one that is good with women is unreal. Everything you know, you believe, and you are needs to change to be a better version of itself. Most of these men have too big of an ego (despite their lack of success) to ever want to do anything there. As a result, they go to the more comfortable path.

It is easy to complain about how being brown stops you from getting laid, it is hard to actually put in the work.

It is easy to blame a rejection on your race, it is hard to actually self-reflect and realize what you did wrong.

Becoming successful with women and game is rough and one of the most difficult things you will do as a man. This is why the Black Pill and other Incel communities have risen, because it is just a lot easier to whine and complain than to take on a very difficult task.

When you get serious about getting good, you don’t have time for this.

You really don’t. When you are serious about meeting attractive women and serious about getting it done, you have zero time to waste on worrying about race and politics. In the Asian and Indian men I knew who actually pulled ahead and did it right, they had this mindset. It is time to get things done and quit the whining. They were not spending countless hours telling you how much it sucks to be brown or Asian, in fact, they barely even mentioned it.

Guys who actually want to put in the work and get good with women have zero time for all of this whining.

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