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The reality of finding a wingman.

If you are like me, like to go out to approach women at bars and clubs or even doing daygame, and have been around a few pickup communities, then you have likely looked into the option of finding a wingman. The thought of doing all of this alone is quite intimidating for most guys and having a wingman makes it easier for you, or so you would think. However, after a year concentrated on going out with various wingmen that I met online, I wanted to shed some light on this topic.

Most wingmen you meet have something seriously off about them.

The vast majority of guys you meet from Pickup Forums or communities who go out to game are in some cases quite abnormal. In many ways, these guys have their fair share of issues with life and women which is obvious. As you get better, you will start to notice just how strange and off these guys are. You will also start to notice how the antics and behavior of a lot of these men tends to lower your value because of the fact that you are affiliated with them.

This is the reality. Most wingmen that you will meet, I will say even close to 80%, eventually end up being an overall negative in your game journey. The fact is that a lot of them are loaded with toxic beliefs about women which kills your vibe and half will barely even approach. For the ones that do, their approaches will be high volume and low effort meaning that they just spam girls with the same lines. None of this really helps you take your game to the next level.

Because the best almost always move on.

If there is one lesson I have learned in all of my years of game, especially after observing the Good Looking Loser Forum, it is that the best almost always move on. The guys who are out there getting results and sleeping with a lot of women annually are hyper-focused on the game itself. Most do not dabble in theory and after much effort, they get results. Once they get enough results, they almost always move on.

I am finding that the best wingman I have ever had. We met on a pickup group over a year ago and had a lot of fun going out together, even pulling on some nights. However, now he has moved on from pickup entirely. Now he has fancier friends, more quality women in his life, and has moved on from the pickup community entirely. A wingman like him is a privilege and a once-in-a-blue-moon type of ordeal.

The best you can realistically expect is a guy who is socially adjusted, happens to like cold approach, and does not have toxic views of women. Most of these guys will rarely post on a pickup community or partake in any of the theories. Instead, they are the ones lurking most of the time. However, even finding these sorts of guys is rare. I’d say maybe 20% of guys in the pickup community are like this.

Yes, 80% of wingmen are not even worth it.

You are better off going out alone and trying it for yourself. The only way these wingmen can help you is the fact that you see them approach, get blown out, and then feel brave enough to do it yourself. Outside of that, most wingmen will not help you get better with women. Long-term, most wings will actually decrease your success with women. Whether they are repeating red pill nonsense, whining about how tough dating is, or whatever it might be, they are not going to be of benefit to you for getting girls.

Once you start to get better, you start to realize just how many wingmen are actually dead weight in your life. You start to notice how these guys lower your status when you step into a venue with them. You start to realize how their spam approaches and their lack of social awareness lead to their failures. So as a man, you are faced with the likely option of going at it alone.

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