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5/5 – 5/7: Formula 1 Weekend

Some can even call it Cinco De Mayo weekend but I wanted to give the lowdown. For those of you, especially in the EU, who follow Formula 1, you know it was in Miami this past weekend. Thanks to some past benefits and a variety of other factors, I was able to only get tickets for F1 but also earn VIP. A company I used to work for had a partnership with F1 and that meant that employees and up to a point former employees got a great treatment for the events.

In the past few weeks, I have really been hitting the pavement hard by doing a lot of approaches in both daygame and nightgame. I gathered a lot of IGs as a result of such approaches. As a part of the deal my former employer had with F1, we also had a chance to go to a free concert involving a famous singer and it was only a handful of people who had that privilege. Other people with that privilege were those who had one of those super high-quality credit cards with insane rewards programs.

As soon as I post the story of myself at the concert, a lot of the girls who had followed me back started to DM me. In total, there were about 12 girls that DM’d me asking what was going on. I contact the VIP Booth Sponsor rep who tells me I can bring extra people if I like. As soon as I let the girls know, a number of them respond saying they want to come. About 10 said they would be open to joining but I felt like I would be lucky if maybe 5 came.

I would hit up my wing but he was sadly out of town. So it was just going to be me and a number of girls. I know that I could not handle this kind of a volume so I ask one of my neighbors who is a DJ if he would be down to come, telling him that the problem is we have too many girls. The DJ knows what I want and asks me to hang out with his bouncer friend named Brett. Brett and I hang out later on that day and see eye to eye on a number of things.

I know it is risky but I call Brett to come since we need at least a couple of guys. We arrive at the event on Saturday which was more Prelims from what I saw. Immediately, minutes after us, three of the girls had arrived. All three brought their friends and we were easily at 10 girls. These girls were easily some of the best looking in the VIP event so far and we have other guys just staring over at our table.

A number of guys approach our table and I have to say, they are well-dressed and come off as classy so we don’t bother them about it. At this point, I decide to let the event play out. The truth is that I am not really into F1 and am only there because of the hype it generates in Miami. One girl in particular shares the same views that I do, let’s call her Liz. Liz has blue eyes, brown hair, freckles, an athletic body, and skin that turns almost pinkish in the sun.

Liz is originally from Ohio but is your typical All-American girl with an athletic body and a cute face, she even played Volleyball in college and had the ass to prove it. Liz and I are the main ones chatting and her friend, a tall athletic blonde, is attracting too much attention to even engage with us. I had met Liz at a bar day drinking a week before and the interaction lasted for a solid twenty minutes. We had exchanged DMs a few times and she even saw my pet.

The pet was enough of a hook for Liz to want to come to my place, given that she was not that big on F1. Plus, it was the prelim rounds and I tell her about that. All of this is good enough for Liz to want to Uber back with me and her friend is completely fine with it. In fact, it seemed like her friend had met this ultra-rich European dude at the event who she was super into.

Liz and I come back to my place where I let her play with my pet for a few minutes. Afterward, we sit down and relax. I looked into her light blue eyes and went for the kiss without any resistance. We made out longer than I am used to and soon, the clothes started to come off. Within minutes, we started to fuck.

After Liz, I did not really entertain trying to pull. Later on in Saturday, we went to LIV. On Sunday, I stuck around for the F1 race and was still getting DMs from some girls who I let join me in VIP. I am not sure if it is an age thing but me and Liz had fucked so much the day before that I almost did not want to take a girl back for the fear of not being able to get hard. However, some of the girls told me they owe me a solid so if I ever need a boat, I can join them on a boat day!

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