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Things you can do to start building a Strong Foundation.

In my previous post, I talked about the importance of a Strong Foundation when it comes to dating success. I get so many messages from guys who are adults and cannot figure out why they struggle with women. If you are not doing well in any of the pillars listed in the linked post, then you know what you need to work on. Today, I wanted to talk more about the major things you can be working on in order to build a Strong Foundation. I like to consider these as your “base” meaning if you are strong in these pillars, you are more likely to see quicker results with women.

Money and independence.

If you are still past college age (18-21) and living with your parents, do not bother with anything else until you get this fixed. You don’t have to make six figures right off the bat but you do need to find a way to live on your own. The only reason you should be living with your parents is if you are the one taking care of them which is admirable. I have seen other losers in the Manosphere claim that living with your parents is smart because it saves you money, they are losers so do not listen to them. No man past the age of 21 should be living with his parents.

If this is you, resolve this. Your parents will admire the fact that you are independent enough to provide for yourself. You can live with roommates for your first couple of years away from home. The first priority I would point all guys to is to get your career right. Find a skill that you can make money off of and go with that.

You don’t have to work for Goldman Sachs, just any job that can help you pay rent with roommates in a major city. A lot of you are in college, you pick a major that will actually get you a job after college. Even if you are not going the college route, I have known guys who feel that they can make a good amount of money working trades. For the bold guys out there, you can look into starting your own business. The main takeaway here is whichever path you need to go down, you need to decide fast. If you are over the age of 25, you should have decided and been on it yesterday!

So what are the exceptions here? If you are working towards being a doctor or something that requires graduate school, you are on the right path. In that case, it is okay if you are not making money in your twenties yet because you are investing in your future so you make a lot of money then. If you are just lounging around doing nothing while mom cooks you meals and you go on Incel Forums to recite your next theory about game, then you are clearly on the wrong path and need to change fast.

The point of money here is not to flash around, it is so you can be on your own two feet. The point of money is to put you in a place where you can live on your own and not have to live with your parents. Before you can really get to anything else, you have to prioritize fixing this. Living with roommates in a big city can be fun and you can make a lot of good friends this way as well.


At this point, everyone can admit that looks matter for attraction. Women have to be physically attracted to you in order to truly be with you. One of the foundations of good looks is a nice body. Truthfully, I let myself go in recent years during the pandemic and had to seriously put in work to burn off the pounds. There are so many guides out there to get a nice body and things men can be doing in order to maximize their looks. It is tough to do and requires a ton of discipline, especially for those of us who are always out and about.

If I had to tell most guys to focus on one thing, it would be looks. A good body can take a while to build if you are overweight or very skinny. Meanwhile, focus on wearing decent clothes and getting your grooming and hygiene right. If you are balding, I would 100% shave if it is quite obvious. If anything, you can go with the Neil Strauss style and try to look more like him.

In the short term, you will not be able to become that guy with six-pack abs and an athletic body. For me, I had this in my early to mid-twenties but it took a lot of work. During the pandemic and with years of drinking, I lost it and am now trying to regain it. When I had abs and an athletic body, women let me get away with way more things even though my game largely sucked.

What you can do is maximize your style and grooming. Please do not look like one of those Pickup Clowns by “peacocking” in every venue you go to. The reality is that if you are not visibly obese or grossly overweight, a few good pictures of your face and lifestyle could be enough to get you some matches on apps in the short term. Ideally, you want to be in great physical shape because your competition has those six pack abs going for them.

I truly believe that guys who want results with women fast and don’t look like total crap should just pay a real good photographer for quality online dating photos. You won’t get a lot of matches but you will get a few quality matches and go on some dates.

Mindset and outlook on life.

If you are browsing Black Pill forums and Incel sites, stop it immediately. If you are reading anything that is making you feel like a victim be it for your appearance, ethnicity, or height, stop. If you are reading or watching anything that makes you hate women, stop. If you are serious about getting actual results with women, you drop this nonsense and negativity immediately. There are no exceptions to this rule.

“But MB, it is like “realistic” and “telling the truth” man”

So some guys who suck with women got together, pulled some statistics, and started making up theories. Here is the reality, none of those guys are actually good with women. Why would you take advice or any sort of feedback from guys that objectively suck with women if your goal is to get good with women? It is like me hiring a financial advisor that is homeless or a fitness coach that is fat. It doesn’t matter if the fat “fitness coach” is right about genetics, the reality is they are fat and I do not want to look like them so why should I hire them?

Here is the reality, anyone can gather up a bunch of statistics to start pushing a theory. Anyone with a lot of time on their hands, which most Black Pillers have tons of, can gather up age-old studies to prove their point. However, when you actually go out there and live life, you realize how wrong many of these guys are and why they are struggling as much as they are. The only “truth” and “realistic” thing here is that these guys suck with women, have awful dating lives, and serve no purpose to you.

If any content out there is telling you to hate women and see them as the enemy, ignore it. Seriously, clowns like Sneako and Fresh & Fit have been called out various times for sucking with women. Stop taking advice or hearing about life from guys who suck with women and cannot do well with them. Anyone can say something cynical and pessimistic but coat it as “reality” because it sounds edgy and it sells.

The other “reality” is that these Edgelords are otherwise weak and feeble men. That is why rejection from women and the fear of having it again makes them gather in an internet hivemind to come up with mostly nonsense theories about attraction. Going out there and facing rejection is tough. Going out there and fixing your sorry life is a tough thing to do, that is why most of these men hide on the internet as the years pass them by. Weak men suck at accepting hard truths about life so they cry about them and hope that someone lends them an ear, like a baby crying out to his mommy.

When you get serious about fixing your dating life soon, you don’t care. You don’t care if someone says women hate redhead guys or short guys or Asian guys, you are too focused on the outcome. It is like going into a competition where the “analysts”, gamblers, and “experts” want to pin your opponent as the “favorite” but you are just too focused on winning the thing to even care. None of the theories or stuff trying to say you can’t fix your life matter because you are too busy taking action and getting stuff done, especially when the theories come from guys who are hopeless with women.

You have to lose the negative red pill, black pill, and a lot of the bitter mess if you want to get good. You cannot be bitter and you cannot be negative. You have to take action and be committed to getting good. When you get in that “I need to get this done ASAP” mindset and get serious about outcomes, you will start to realize how much of the Manosphere is garbage and a waste of time. You won’t be able to relate to any of that nonsense.

Logistics and lifestyle.

This one is a major one because as I have mentioned in previous posts, if you want to live a lifestyle abundant with attractive women, then there are only a handful of US cities you can do it in. What this means is if you are living in the suburbs or a small town, it is time to start making plans to move to a major city. You want to ideally live with roommates at first as it is cheaper and most people are doing it. You also want to live near where all of the action is as it makes the logistics work out in your favor.

The more you interact with actual people who want to get places in life, the better your lifestyle becomes. You can go to certain fun events and meet other cool people. You can go to fun festivals and gatherings and connect with people. You can start to make a lot of friends and eventually improve your social skills through them. You can get into a lot of great hobbies as well which make you more interesting.

That completes this part of the Foundations post which will be a part of the theme moving forward for this site.

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  1. Enjoyed this post. I’m 41 and many guys my age don’t grasp these principles. Is there an easy way to see which of your posts are most popular (i.e. the most viewed)?

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