For those of you who had the patience to read my story, it all culminated in one belief that this site and almost every post is built on.

You’re not too old to enjoy a fun-filled life, experience cool things, and make awesome friends. In fact, being a millennial and living in the times we live in only helps!

At some point, I realized that gone are the days where everyone settles down at the age of 22, start a family, and kiss their youth goodbye. You hear all about high school or college being the deadline for having fun experiences, making new friends, doing amazing things that you can happily look back on, and have amazing memories.

The fact of the matter is we live in times where the conventional marriage, kids, and settling down by thirty lifestyle is going away. We live in times where meeting new people and having cool experiences as a person without a family is the norm.

You’re not screwed when it comes to meeting lots of cool people and making lots of new friends because you graduated college already.

It is not too late go on a fun trip, go to fun parties, have wild nights, and build crazy memories. College was not your last chance for this.

We live in such amazing times that for you not to capitalize this opportunity would be not enjoying the times for what they are.