A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (11/3/19)

I remember 2019 and before the whole pandemic started, how I was slowly coming into form with game. At this point, I had met a really cool Eastern European wingman, let's call him Paul. Paul stood at about 6'1, had blond hair, and somewhat of an Ivan Drago look going to him. Paul and I … Continue reading A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (11/3/19)

A walk after work (2019)

Today, I want to talk a bit about an old field report. In 2019, I happened to get really lucky and find an apartment near Bowery. While it might not be Soho, Bowery does have some of the most attractive women in Manhattan. Washington Square Park is considered by many to be one of the … Continue reading A walk after work (2019)

Crazy night with a raunchy Brit (July 14th)

So not only have I been busy in these past few weeks, I have also been "busy". Daygame has been doing wonders for me so I thought I'd share this rather long story of what happened. Background and how we met: On July 10th, I was worn out. My sexual experience from the day before … Continue reading Crazy night with a raunchy Brit (July 14th)