Miami’s depressing nightlife.

Lately, I have received a lot of feedback from readers asking me to elaborate on exactly why Miami's nightlife sucks so much. While I have lightly touched on it, let me go more into specifics about why Miami's nightlife is garbage when you compare it to other cities. I am going to break this down … Continue reading Miami’s depressing nightlife.

The good, the bad, and the ugly about life in Miami.

As I come up on almost a year in Miami, I wanted to take this time to give everyone the blunt low-down on Miami. Now, my honeymoon period with the city is over and as a result, I can start to see it more objectively than when I first came here. I can also compare … Continue reading The good, the bad, and the ugly about life in Miami.

The soulless vibe of Brickell.

While initially going out to South Beach to daygame, in the recent month I started to spend more time in Brickell. Now one of the hotspots of Brickell itself is the Brickell City Center which is this massive four story mall that is super modernized. Before I say anything else, I will confess that I … Continue reading The soulless vibe of Brickell.

Miami vs. NYC

After posting my verdict on Miami, I am going to share with you guys how it compares to a city long-considered great for single men, NYC. I have had the chance to be in Miami for a few months now and NYC for quite a few years. While the two cities are loaded with beautiful … Continue reading Miami vs. NYC

Observations about Miami, so far.

A few months ago, like many New Yorkers, I headed over to Miami because it is the place to be right now. Not only does Florida come with no state income tax, you also get a stellar governor in Ron De Santis as opposed to the abysmal leadership that New York is stuck with. I … Continue reading Observations about Miami, so far.