Miami’s depressing nightlife.

Lately, I have received a lot of feedback from readers asking me to elaborate on exactly why Miami's nightlife sucks so much. While I have lightly touched on it, let me go more into specifics about why Miami's nightlife is garbage when you compare it to other cities. I am going to break this down … Continue reading Miami’s depressing nightlife.

Miami vs. NYC

After posting my verdict on Miami, I am going to share with you guys how it compares to a city long-considered great for single men, NYC. I have had the chance to be in Miami for a few months now and NYC for quite a few years. While the two cities are loaded with beautiful … Continue reading Miami vs. NYC

The verdict on Miami.

After spending quite a few months in Miami, I wanted to share whether or not this city is worth it for men to move to for dating and meeting women. Instead of making your read a bunch of words, I will give you the verdict right now and you can continue reading afterwards if you … Continue reading The verdict on Miami.