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The guide to going out in NYC as a guy

Despite recent trends in this city which have seen people from areas like San Francisco come here in droves, gender ratio become more unfavorable for men, and some cultural changes; it is no doubt that NYC is still among the best cities in the country for a single guy. Being in NYC, you just cannot miss the nightlife in this city, it is something every young man has to experience in his life while he still can. On the other hand, if you are out to score, NYC nightlife has to be approached with some thought and you have to make sure you keep your expectations in check. As someone who has been going out in the city for a while, this is my kind resource to you.

It goes Manhattan, then maybe Brooklyn, and then bust.

Let’s face it, if you are not going out in Manhattan, you are not going out in NYC. Manhattan is so great that even the folks from across the river and other boroughs flood here during the weekends to get their party on. Unfortunately, this also means more Bridge and Tunnel girls although count your blessings, at least they’re not women from awful cities like Toronto and San Francisco although that will likely change fast.

So let’s talk Manhattan.

If you have it made, spend the extra on the drink minimum and places with a cover charge. I’d avoid the Meatpacking District and SOHO unless you are wealthy.

Chances are that most of the times, these places are going to have favorable ratios because they are not letting guys unless unless those guys buy a table or are rolling with girls. I greatly respect clubs doing this to prevent the sausagefest, it is the best thing you can do to keep the ratios in check. I’d say if you are making well into six-figures, this is going to be your go to. Unless you can convince girls to come with you, I suggest coughing up the bucks to get in there.

If you can handle the craziness, go to the Lower East Side.

Be prepared to deal with bros crowding the bar, some looking for anything to fight about, and women on guard as a result. You pretty much spam approach and run standard club game but get ready to be mass rejected. Now you can obviously go to a rooftop to experience more of a chill vibe but if you are looking for better odds and girls that are more loose, you go to the popular bars in the area which get packed. Don’t wear your nicest shoes there!

Roll the dice on East Village.

East Village has some of the most promising bars for game and it is a more tame version of the Lower East Side. I’ve gone to certain bars in the area such as Niagra and Beauty Bar where on certain nights, women outnumbered men by a 70:30 ratio. In NYC nightlife, this is almost unheard of, the only other places that will offer this in the city are bars in SOHO and Meatpacking that have strict door policies.

Use Greenwich Village and West Village as early night spots.

Around 1 AM, you won’t get a good return on value at these places but get there earlier into the night at around 10 PM and you will have your chances. Galway Hooker and Mr. Fiddlesticks are two amazing bars in West Village worth checking out earlier into the night. You don’t want to stay in the area very late into the night since it almost tends to die down around that time.

If you can, go out on weekdays.

Not for every guy but I had a roommate who went out Tuesdays to Thursdays, every week he would bring home a different girl that was decent looking enough. I am going to do a post on why this is but my theory is that women are just a lot less defensive when going out on weekdays. You’ll also find women that are just looking for men and some sex rather than out to party and be seen. The final reason is that it is a lot less Bridge and Tunnel meaning girls are more local, logistics are not an issue.

Go out earlier to potentially beat strict door policies.

Certain nightclubs will let you in even if they have strict door policies if you are in early. Try to get there by 9 PM and you might be able to beat certain door policies or get in that way. Some nightclubs are smart though and will close for an hour and then start again with a strict door policy. One move I used to pull was go out at 9 PM and see which popular clubs were open, then try to see how I can get in, some I got into by being there at 9 only to find that after 10 PM the strict door policy starts. I was able to avoid this and effectively enjoy the nightclub by sticking around.

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