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An American guy’s thoughts on American women.

As promised in my recent post, I decided to do a special for the US but due to the depth of it all, I will get right to it. As an American guy, here are my thoughts on American women from various parts of the country. If you enjoyed my post on European women, here is my post on American women!

New England women, outside of Boston, aren’t exactly as bad as stereotypes say.

I know, the stereotypes towards New England girls are not the best (cue Ted’s scene on Boston women) and no one goes to New England for the women but hear me out, this region did produce Olivia Culpo who is a hit among at least 95% of straight men out there. While radical liberalism and the feminazi attitudes do exist, I find that women from more rural or less urban New England states can be surprisingly down to earth and decent looking.

Now don’t get me wrong, Boston is a far cry from Miami when it comes to women but New England girls do tend to be blunt which I like. You don’t get the fake niceness like you would from certain southern girls and the obsession with popularity/being permanently stuck in a high school mindset like you would from a California girl. Needless to say, in my view, they are relatively average. Not as bad as women from certain parts of the country I will uncover but a far cry from top tier women.

Looks: C 

Personality: D (goes up to C if you exclude Boston)

Outside of NYC, the northeast and Mid-Atlantic are also relatively bland.

While NYC, and mainly Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, is home to some of the finest women on this planet and arguably the best city in the world for single men, it is not true for the rest of the northeast. Even NYC starts to decrease in quality once you get to Long Island and the suburban areas. Philadelphia can have decent looking women but it is a cliquish and DC has long been considered a bad city for single men although things seem to be on the upswing.

Looks wise, women from these areas are largely bland. Personality wise, expect a lot of a blunt and brutish tough-girl attitude. I think it is largely due to the high Italian descent in these areas and if you read my piece on European women here, you’ll know all you need to know.

Looks: C (bump it up to almost a B if you include NYC)

Personality: D (maybe a C if you include transplants in NYC)

Midwestern states with high Scandinavian ancestry produce some of the highest quality women out there.

Think of your typical Midwestern blonde as a more toned down version of the flashy blondes you’ll run into in Southern California and naturally more beautiful. I have found that this region, for the time being, is underrated when it comes to women. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and certain states like an Idaho or more low profile areas produce a lot of quality women. If the All-American girl type is your thing, this is where you will find it.

As I mentioned previously, these areas do produce a lot of supermodels!

I also find that the women from these areas do not have the massive ego you find in their counterparts on the coastal areas cities. Unfortunately, in recent years due to the spread of Californians, that could be changing fast.

Looks: A+ (especially Minnesota)

Personality: A

The rest of the midwest can be kind of a tossup.

I have had great experiences with Ohio girls and girls from midwestern states that are lesser in Scandinavian ancestry. For some reason, I do find Michigan girls to be a bit rough around the edges and have a colder personality although I cannot think of a better state if you hot Middle Eastern girls like I do. While I still consider the rest of the midwest a step down from the Scandinavian heavy states, it can produce some decent women. I’d say this includes more Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and those states. I find that women and people of the midwest in general have that blunt straightforward attitude to them that makes you respect them.

Looks: B

Personality: B

The south has its gems but varies dramatically by state. I am not including Miami and South Florida here since  it is not culturally the south, excluding Texas too since it is just….Texas….

While you can find a lot of “Southern Belles” and quality wife material in certain southern states (South Carolina and Tennessee), you will also find a lot of southern women who are true-blooded sociopaths in other areas of the south (Atlanta, North Carolina, and Virginia). Unfortunately, the south is plagued by the highest obesity rates in the country which make the overall quality go down.

Southern women are also huge on appearances and in some areas, this is far worse than others (Atlanta, North Carolina, and Virginia). As a general rule of thumb, any area of the south flooded with transplants that are not there to retire but rather work is going to suck and have lower quality women as you will get the brutish and rugged personality with radical liberalism (aka Atlanta). For other readings on the south, please refer to my posts here and here.

Looks: C (goes up to almost a B+ if we exclude Atlanta)

Personality: C (goes up to almost an A if we exclude Atlanta, North Carolina, and Virginia)

The women of the southwest are very beautiful but also some of the most shallow you’ll ever find. 

I’d argue that when it comes to sexiness, the best looking women in America come from the southwest. Now while women from midwestern states with a lot of Scandinavian heritage have natural beauty, the women of the southwest are good looking in a sexually appealing way. Arizona houses two colleges with the best looking women in the entire country (U of A and Arizona St) and obviously, the wealthier areas of Southern California are known for their beauty. I’d say Southern California is where the beautiful California girl stereotype comes from.

While the women of the southwest do compete hard with Scandinavian descent women on looks, their personalities are much more vapid and shallow. Most have very high standards for guys and are quite choosy. The ratios are also in favor of women meaning that they can be picky.

Looks: A+

Personality: D

The Pacific Northwest is bland and the Bay Area produces the worst women in this entire country.

Before I rip on the northwest, I have found that Washington (state) and Oregon can actually produce some top quality women with good looks and amazing personalities. Unfortunately, when you factor in the Bay Area, you get a shitshow. San Francisco is hands down the worst city in America, if not the western world, for single men. You will not find a more conceited, cold, rude, arrogant, mentally ill, sociopathic, and broken women than the women of San Francisco and the Bay Area. Narcissism, vapidness, shallow attitudes, lack of care for anyone, lack of empathy, and lack of any humanity galore.

The fake culture which is all about being seen as self-righteous outwardly while doing the nastiest things behind closed doors is also a turn off. Every guy I know who works in Silicon Valley has been wanting to desperately get out.

Even when we are not talking San Francisco, I find that Northern California girls in general tend to be very devoid of life. The personality is almost nihilistic and cynical, like they have seen it all, as if someone could literally die in front of them and they could barely give a flying fuck about it.

Looks: D (a C if we exclude the Bay Area)

Personality: F (a C if we exclude the Bay Area)

Florida girls are a wild card but Miami is the city with the sexiest women in America.

I have mixed feelings about Florida girls, on one hand you do have Northern Florida which is like the trashiness of some poor southern states and on the other you have South Florida. Florida girls have the sexiness of southern girls but a laid back attitude which makes them fun, the sexy ones are truly sexy. Unfortunately, they’re also kind of crazy and there are stereotypes of drug habits and flat out hedonism. I find Florida girls very social and easy to talk to, much more so than their stuck-up sisters in Georgia, but they have too much of a wild side to them.

Miami girls are somewhat more stuck-up than their North Florida sisters but arguably the sexiest in the entire country if we break it down by city. The place to be if you like Latinas and European women, I’d say Miami is one of the few cities that can hold a candle to NYC in terms of dating for single men.

Looks: A (A+ if we talk Miami)

Personality: B

Texas girls are also among top quality.

While the smaller impoverished towns in Texas are nothing to boast about, you’d be shocked at the amount of beautiful women that walk around in Dallas and to an extent even Austin. Houston from my experience had some beautiful Indian and Asian girls with a southern style to them while Dallas was crawling with hot blondes. Austin is starting to go downhill a little bit due to the Californian invasion but it is still years away from turning into a San Francisco. I am in love with the build Texas girls tend to have, it resembles that of a volleyball player.

Outside of their looks, I am a fan of a Texas girl personality. I find it to be very strong but in a feminine way. Texas girls have a way of being assertive without coming off like a warthog, which tends to be the case with Bay Area girls. I find that Texas girls tend to have this sense of life to them and an energy which almost challenge you but in a playful way.

Looks: B+ (A if we just include Dallas)

Personality: A+ 

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