The kinds of women you commonly run into in NYC

I decided to do things differently today with my usual generalization/stereotype posts. Now if you were a fan of my post on European women and then on American women, you might like this post but we are doing things a bit differently here. I will not be rating women based on looks and personality, rather, I’ll be giving you a generalization of each type of girl. Even though I have been in this city for quite some time, I’ll say my experience is limited so anyone is free to add to this list of stereotypes.

The beauty of this city is that you can find various kinds of women here and no doubt I miss a lot.

NYC has every kind of girl you can imagine, it’s one of a kind in terms of the demographics. Most of the women here come from various backgrounds and I cannot possibly cover all types. Instead, I’ll cover the ones I have commonly run into in my years here while missing girls you might have commonly run into yourself.

My experiences come from countless nights of going out in Manhattan and taking part in many events here. I’ll be giving you my thoughts on each type of woman, their looks, demeanor, and where you will likely find a lot of them. I will not be giving any grades here and as I said, I’ll likely miss some major groups. You might find that some of these groups do overlap.

Underage girls, usually in high school, who manage to sneak into all the bars.

Usually goes to high school in either the Upper East Side, Upper West side, or affluent areas of Long Island/New Jersey/Connecticut. Will find her at the most popular nightclubs and bars that are typically tourist attractions. Makes you wish they had stricter ID rules as you do not want to be caught taking home someone not even old enough to drive. Often friendly but really there for the 1k+ selfies with her high school classmates. Just ask them in-depth questions about college and they’ll usually spill the beans, indirectly, of them being in high school. Makes you wonder why this city doesn’t give more of a shit about this, makes you wish it did before you have to yell “but she told me she was 18!”.

(I will not be posting pics of girls that could pass for being under the age of 18)

College girls, usually going to NYU or one of the CUNY’s.

Often NYU girls who you will find in West Village and Greenwich Village bars. Friendly because they have to be as NYU is mostly women and gay guys. Will often be accompanied by a gay friend who, if you are cool, will help you get the girl. Relatively chill but also from a wealthy family since NYU is not kind with financial aid. You might find some that wander out into Lower East Side bars to get thrashed and have fun. Very often Asian, Jewish, and occasionally Anglo in background.

The intern in the summer!

Intern season baby! Ever wish you could go back to college and hook up with that gorgeous sorority girl from that top tier sorority that you couldn’t talk to because you were not a frat star or athlete? Well, she probably spent her summers interning in NYC and occasionally going home with older guys. Every summer, NYC attracts thousands gorgeous co-eds from some of the hottest colleges in the country. Find them at the trendiest “happening” nightlife spots with long lines or swarming the Lower East Side. You might luck out with some in Murray Hill or East Village as well, with the occasional visit to Williamsburg. If it’s “popular” and a “happening” spot in NYC, you’ll find them there!

Usually approachable as they are new to the city and hardly know much of anyone outside of work friends. A lot of good looking women who are likely in the top sororities at their given school and would blow you out if you were to talk to them at a college town but are nicer since they are away from their cliques.

The European expat.

Oh the beauty of walking down the street and hearing a foreign accent or a foreign language, you just got lucky and stumbled upon a European girl. Often find them in the popular spots or in Soho, dressed fashionably and visiting the city or living there. Quite beautiful, quite approachable, and a gift to come across. Whether you come across a Scandinavian beauty or a Slavic dime, you my friend are in luck. Things do vary as Scandinavian women are more approachable than Eastern European women in the city but quality no doubt.

Foreign girls in general, especially Asian.

One other beauty of NYC, foreign girls in general. Whether it is Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, or Latinas in general. You will find foreign women all across the city and stumble across at least one in a bar who is just trying to figure things out. Often easier to talk to and open if they are not out with their groups. If you have a type whether it is Asians or Latinas, you are in luck.

The small town girl.

Living in a lonely world…..

Catchy song but now we talk about the women you run into who are typically not from the big city. Might be from a small city from the Midwest or Upstate NY itself but typically a small town. Often some of the nicest women you will approach and usually the most open to “experimenting” as well. I have had a lot of good experiences with this demographic.

Friendly, approachable, cool, and easy to get along with. Might go to places just because her friends are but will often go there to just see how it is like. At times a bit lost in the city but generally good-hearted. Might become more jaded once she has lived in the city for many years and usually ends up moving back to the smaller city life as she finds the city too much to deal with. Definitely wife material!

The city girl not from NYC.

Often moves to NYC from DC, San Francisco, LA, or could just be passing through from those cities. Needless to say, will always go to the most popular spots to take selfies and say that she has been there. Narcissistic beyond your wildest imagination if she is from LA or San Francisco. Entitled, jaded, and always hunting for whatever is “cool”. Usually in NYC to be seen as cool and take photos she can brag on about social media. If she is from California, guaranteed to be someone desperate for validation and attention but gets less of it in NYC due to bad gender ratios.

Usually only in the city for the selfies, the party life, and prefers to go for anyone who is well connected to that. Hoping to add NYC to her list of cities where she lived the “high life” in which she can brag to her high school friends about.

Women actually from NYC.

I bet you didn’t expect that but here we have it, the older sister of the underaged girl who parties in the city. Often grew up in the Upper East Side or Upper West Side of Manhattan, aka NYC women who are not “Bridge and Tunnel”. Jaded, cynical, and probably the hardest demographic to take home. Very entitled, spoiled, and have often had enough of it all. If you ever catch one at a popular party spot, she is exclusively there to chill with friends. You might get lucky and catch one out in a more subtle cocktail bar, easier to take home then. As much personality flaws as she might have, often very attractive.

Unlike other girls on the list, she cares less of social media validation. To her, she was already partying hard in places tourists and other kinds of women take selfies in so it is old to her. In many ways, the trend setting demographic in the city for what is “cool” and what is not cool. While she is hard to game, once you do get her to be with you, a new world opens up and you feel very validated knowing that you had success with the social elite of the city.

Classy Bridge and Tunnel girls

Instead of saying Bridge and Tunnel, I want to make a distinction and talk about the classy girls from this crowd. Instead of talking about specific areas to piss off all of the residents there, I will talk about demeanor, background, and looks. If I did have to pick an area, quite a lot from Connecticut. Usually a girl of Jewish or Anglo descent although race is not that important here. Often grew up wealthy or went to a very good high school that send tons of kids to the Ivies.

Find her in just about any type of bar or nightclub, she doesn’t care that much about what is cool anymore so you will find her at low-key places. Most of her friends already did the fun shit when they were in high school. Often times she is just there for the views, to chill with her friends, and is kind of over what NYC has to offer. She might come to the city here and there for partying but has no interest in actually living in Manhattan. In fact, she sees living in Manhattan as below her and laughs at people that do deal with the high rents and urban hazards.

Kind of jaded in many ways, cynical, but easy enough to chat with while being hard to please. Logistics mean it is tough to really go home with her and she probably isn’t interested in going home with a guy that night. For her, it is all about chilling with her friends to get away from the peace and quiet for just the moment.

Trashy Bridge and Tunnel girls

Imagine the narcissistic and attention hungry version of the classy Bridge and Tunnel girl who often takes 100+ selfies. Wears tons of makeup, overly tanned, loud, overly dressed, and in some ways a Jersey Shore cast carbon copy although less obvious. Often from working class areas of Long Island, Staten Island, or areas in Jersey with a high Italian population. You will often find them out with a large group, mixed with guys and girls, and often trying to attract attention by being loud or making out in the line.

Overwhelmingly of Italian or Eastern European descent, usually brought up embodying the rough “blue collar” ideal that looks down on Yuppies or white collar people while secretly wanting to be like them. At the same time, will jump hard for Instagram selfies, going to the popular spots in Manhattan, and trying to be that cool popular party girl. You will find a great deal in Murray Hill bars as well because of he place’s reputation of being fratty.

Often rude, usually unapproachable, and tend to be kind of racist. Prefer to go for guys who embody the East Coast douchebag stereotype. Love and look up to criminal culture, especially the mob. Look down on “outsiders” not from the city itself and tell them they are not “real New Yorkers”. A good number do lean more Republican and support white nationalism as well.


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