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Intern season: What it is and why it’s so amazing.

I hope my fellow readers have been using their time wisely during the lockdown for Coronavirus and really investing it in improving themselves. If you have been working out, staying sharp, and keeping on top of your game; the results will pay off as this whole thing passes. One thing I did want to talk about is one of the most underrated times of the year for guys who live in major cities and love going out, intern season. I might get on a blacklist from feminists but I do want to make it vehemently clear that I, in no way shape or form, advocate taking advantage of women or engaging in relationships with women who seem clearly compromised. With that out of the way…….

Let’s talk about what intern season actually is, by me sharing a scenario with you.

Katie is currently finishing up her third year at a top ten party school and has had more than enough fun being in one of the hottest sororities on campus. Katie is your prototypical hot girl, looking like a young Denise Richards and having it all. Athletes and fraternity guys in respected frats have more than validated her and given her quite a few fun nights in town. Now, the idea approaches in the back of her head that soon, college is going to end and she is going to hit the scary real world out there.

The idea creeps into Katie’s head that one thing she needs to do before she finishes school is lock down a job, ideally in a major city where she can have some more fun instead of suburbia where she will bore herself to death. Katie decides that now is the time for her to look for an internship, spend a summer elsewhere than the college town which is going to be dead quiet or at her parents’ house. Katie decides to find an internship for a respectable company, spending her summer in NYC.

The reality is, you normally wouldn’t have a shot with the Katie’s of the world unless you were a campus athlete or in a top tier fraternity. 

Despite what the red pill or any other type of guys say, it is hard as fuck to date or hook up with good looking college girls if you are an older guy. Unless you have serious status in something relevant to them, you are fighting an uphill battle.

If you tried to go after Katie in a college town as an older guy, you would normally be laughed off by her clique. Even college guys not in the top fraternities or playing a sport would have a difficult time getting Katie to give them the time of the day. You are dealing with her overly judgmental sorority sisters, beta male orbiters who think they have a chance, and her need to fit in to the local setting. As an older guy not even going to school? You have absolutely zero chance of pulling Katie in her college town.

You see, the hottest college girls typically go to the top party schools, usually situated in a college town. Schools that typically come to mind from my experience are Syracuse, Ole Miss, Arizona St, Alabama, and University of Arizona. Even schools in major cities like Los Angeles (USC) and some in Texas cities (UT-Austin) ultimately fall to the whole tight knit college clique where frat guys in nice houses and athletes have a monopoly on the hottest girls.

Enter intern season.

Katie is finally away from her overbearing clique and interning at a company in a major city, getting that experience she craved of being away from it all. Now Katie is still in college, she might have just turned twenty-one, but she wants to party! Katie is in a new city, away from her clique, just got done with her intern gig, and now wants to explore the town. Maybe she is there with a friend or two she made in the internship, she heads out to explore.

Now she ends up at a top notch bar that she read about on Google as the place to hang out in your city……..but only if someone knew more about the lay of the land.

So here you are.

Somewhere in your twenties and maybe even your thirties, perhaps you were never the popular guy in college who the sorority girls wanted. At some point after the university years, you hit your stride and started approaching your peak. Maybe you found your love for the gym as your higher pay could afford you Equinox. Maybe you started being less uptight and partied more. Maybe you found the nicest bars and ideal spots in your city as you got out of your shell. Oh…only if you would have hit your peak in your college days and got with those popular girls during those times.

Here you have the joining of two worlds.

Katie is away from her tight knit college town looking to know her new city better, you know the city better and don’t mind having an experience with the same co-ed who let’s face it, would have likely rejected the 21-year-old you. Somehow, the circumstances of the moment have made it so you are in a favorable or decent spot now. Katie wants to experiment in a new city with new kinds of guys and no strings attached, it’s your go.

How can you make the best of it?

  1. Obviously, look your best.
  2. Hit up the packed and popular bars more, especially if you are in a prime location.
  3. Get ready to approach and lose your approach anxiety.
  4. Be able to offer value and know your way around the city, have a couple of backup bars that are not packed to take the newcomer to.
  5. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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