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The Bachelor Tales: A Southern Belle in Manhattan.

Back in the summer of 2019, I was getting used to the idea of staying in Manhattan for the summer instead of going away like a lot of locals did. Manhattan is usually not that fun in the summers because the heat coupled in with the trash piling up as usual makes the smell ten times worse than during the winters. Summers are arguably the worst time of the year to visit NYC due to how bad it stinks. Let’s just say that there is a good reason, other than the beaches, behind why most locals end up going to the Hamptons or just outside the city in general.

One of my roommates, Trevor, was still around and on one Saturday morning, we decided to check out the bar scene in the city. Thankfully, we got to Mr. Purple early enough to where the lines were short and got stamped. If you get stamped, you can cut the lines and get in without paying cover for the rest of the night. The trick is to keep the stamp on and not lose it as you wash your hands during the day.

We saw the line behind us and there was definitely some talent to be found. One unfortunate part about the popular bars in NYC is that they attract more social groups than actual opportunities. We went in and found this to be the case, it was girls in large groups that they were looking to spend the entire time with. Trevor had a decent vibe going with these two British girls only to find their fat friend come in and ruin it. If anything, I’ve learned that British women aren’t as bad as folks say they are, at least compared to other western women.

“Dude, this place is all cliques,” said Trevor, looking around.

“Wanna check Penny Farthing and Hair Of The Dog?” I asked.

“Hair is closer, let’s check that,” he replied.

Trevor was always partial to the frattiest bars in the city because he had the look that girls in the Greek Life crowd preferred. Originally from Ohio, Trevor had long blond hair and was built like Thor. I noticed that he seemed to always pull blonde women more than anything else. We head to Hair Of The Dog to find it packed just the right amount but the ratios are off by a lot. I’d say that there were maybe four approachable girls/group of girls in the whole bar and a whole lot of guys.

One phenomenon that has always amazed me at times about gender ratios is just how little guys at bars will actually go up and talk to girls they do not know. Most men try to make women come to them or act in ways to attract attention which is found cringey. I eye a blonde with her brunette friend and make my move, only for Trevor to soon follow. Now I decide to chat with the blonde, cannot even remember my opener but it was a situational one.

We chat for a minute but I can tell by the body language that the blonde is not as receptive towards me while her brunette friend is. The brunette is cute but kind of a bit chunky while the blonde is fit and athletic looking. At some point, we switch around because the brunette made a comment about my shirt and somewhere I had traveled to. We get a good vibe going between us and as the minutes fly by, the bar gets a bit more packed.

I end up going in for the kiss and making out with the brunette who aggressively grinds on me. Not sure what had happened but Trevor fucked up with the blonde which made her want to get her brunette friend. I was able to get her IG but even back then I know not to get too excited. Even though the brunette was kinda chubby, she had a cute face and a vibe that had my blood boiling.

“What the hell happened between you two?” I asked Trevor.

“She started bitching about some liberal shit and I wouldn’t play along,” he replied.

“Gotta keep the politics out of it man,” I said.

“I was but she kept pushing it, couldn’t keep a straight face after that,” he replied. We looked around and found that for the most part, the bar was a sausage fest. I do see a cute blonde by herself only for the guy she was with to come up and walk out of there with her.

“Yo, Penny Farthing, final shot,” I said.

“Yeah, looking like the move,” he replied.

We walked from Hair Of The Dog to Penny Farthing which was a decent enough walk. The bars were in the area of the city which attracts some of the most attractive women. In that moment I realized how fortunate I was to have gotten into game as early as I did since I started to do street approaches. I see two cute blondes as we walk up the streets in Manhattan and try to make an approach, not even sure what I said but I got ignored as Trevor smirked.

I kept trying my luck and had a good vibe going with this blonde girl only for her Asian friend to drag her away. Not long after I make a couple more approaches only for them to go nowhere as Trevor smirks from my failures. Along the way, I see this one girl with black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes as we are heading to Penny Farthing and approach her.

We made small talk and apparently she was with a short blonde friend, the two did not know what bar to head to. The girl herself was going on to be a senior at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and her friend went to UNC Chapel Hill. Once again, the blonde and brunette preference came kicking in but it worked to my favor as the dark-haired girl was more interested in me.

I am not even sure of what I said but I know that I had told her and her friend that we should head to Penny Farthing. The two end up agreeing which is always a good sign, we proposed it as it being the only good bar in the area. When we do get in, it is not as crowded as one would think. I peek around to find quite a few approachable women and thankfully it’s not the loud party yet. Trevor and I go to get drinks along with the girls we are with.

The raven-haired girl I am with, let’s call her Lauren, tells me about how badly she wants to get out of Alabama because of how boring it gets after a couple of years. I use this to tell her about how NYC never really gets old and then shift the conversation on to some of the wild parts of the city. Now this is where the game always gets tricky, sexualizing the conversation without making it too obvious that you are. I hint at how people don’t really date here and instead just keep “experimenting”.

Somehow, “experimenting” clicks with Lauren who proposes trying new things. Tells me to taste her drink and I tell her I’ll do it as long as she tastes mines. Lauren had one of those pink drinks, kind of embarrassing to taste as a guy but hey she was hot. My drink seems strong so she falls towards me direction, only for me to catch her. We are having fun and decide to get one more round of drinks before I close out.

I order the drink for the two of us only for the bartender to hit on Lauren. Not long after, he goes to make us the drinks only for two guys next to Lauren to comment on her Alabama shirt. The guys both sound southern, one is average looking and the other fat, and they comment on the football team. Lauren becomes somewhat friendly with them by slightly turning their way, smiling, and talking about football with the guys. I do what I have been taught which is to not even engage and just let them talk to her at which point, I notice Lauren grab my arm and squeeze it as the fat guy is talking to her about his football days.

We finally get our drinks and I ask Lauren if we should go back to the spot we were in previously. Lauren whispers in my ear with a stern yes and as we get back, tells me she found the guys “kind of creepy”. I asked her if they had some weird fetish involving elephants since they kept bringing up the Alabama logo, she found that funny. As I chat with her more, one drunk guy bumps into her and then yells “Roll Tide”, to which she gives her forced smile before turning to me.

I tell Lauren of a cocktail bar I know of which has the best drinks, only downside is she might run into her boss’s boss there. At first she agrees but then she has to check on her friend who she sees making out with Trevor. Looking over in that direction, Lauren has a somewhat surprised look to her and agrees to go with me to the cocktail bar. Fortunately for me, it was not that far away from my apartment.

In the cocktail bar, we only have a drink but practically babysit it as we talk about the city. I tell Lauren about how so much of what you do can do in the city just goes unnoticed compared to being in a college town. The conversation was tailor made to convince her that she could take more risks here and it just gets forgotten. Lauren then turns it around on me and says I must live a crazy life, I tell her “I take Sundays off so it’s not that crazy”. Being from the south, she seemed to find it funny.

I ended up grabbing Lauren by the waste as we both sat on the high chairs at the bar, her skin just felt so soft and the summer sweat gave her an arousing smell. As the music gets louder, I take that as an excuse to lean in closer to her ear and talk softly. We keep talking about how so much is kept secret in NYC and Lauren asks me if this is usually my gig, to take college interns out. I tell her I can’t reveal much about what I do there, discretion is my second language. As we finish our drinks, I close out and feel it. My blood is boiling and Lauren is biting her lower lip a bit.

Minutes later, I take Lauren to my apartment as our buddies are tightly squeezed to each other’s. We make the flight of stairs faster than usual and to my surprise, we hear loud moans. Since Trevor was the only roommate left in the city, it was safe to assume it was in. I immediately make out with Lauren and take her to my room, grabbing her and wrestling her down to the bed as I go in and fuck raw. The walking around and the summer heat made me hornier than usual and soon, the moans came from my room as Trevor shouted “friend having fun too now!”.

What aroused me more about Lauren than anything else is how soft and smooth her pale skin was and the look in her blue eyes which went so well with her dark hair. Lauren almost looked like a younger version of a Courteney Cox, in other words my weakness and yes, my type. I could not help but kiss her shoulders, neck, ears, and cheeks as I fucked her raw. Lauren’s nipples were also very hard as I was fucking her, they almost scratched your tongue a bit as you licked them and her breasts were perky which went well with her frame. Somehow, I felt powerful given how much heavier I was on top of her, it made her groan in excitement as her body danced with my cock in her.

The sex was amazing and afterwards came a bit of chatting as we relaxed in my bedroom. Lauren informed me about her life in Alabama and how NYC had been such a great escape from it all. Apparently, Lauren was an Alpha Phi and talked about how boring Greek Life gets after sophomore year of college. I had a tough time, as someone who pedestalized Greek Life at the time, believing that I ended up with Lauren.

Now that was one of my big introductions to the phenomenon of intern season, where grown men in big cities have more than a fair shot at scoring with upperclassmen college girls who are doing their internships in the given city. As is obvious, there is no way I could have had any shot with Lauren if I was down in her college town. Too many fraternity guys and her sorority sisters would have easily cockblocked me and made it impossible. Yet, here I was, having some of the best sex I have had for quite some time solely due to the circumstances.

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