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My experiences and results with various daygame openers.

Over the past couple of months, I have gotten back into daygame and experimented with various openers. As for my results with daygame, as I have not been able to get to all of my experienced in the action area due to a beyond hectic schedule (but will do a better job of this), they have been the following.

Approaches = Around 80

Numbers = 12

Dates = 5

Lays = 3

A few things to take into account.

  1. I started to do all of this back in late April, around say the 20th or so. In total, I have been at it for a little over 8 weeks and have constantly gone out almost every weekend.
  2. I am not a total newbie and dabbled in game on and off for a few years.
  3. I do have above average social skills and tend to read social cues better so as a result, I am more selective in who I do approach and don’t spam like some guys do.
  4. I am in a major city where there is an abundance of good looking women.
  5. I’d put myself at a 6 right now in terms of looks because I do still have to lose some weight and get back in shape but I do dress as stylishly as I can. I’d say before 2017, the old me was more of an 8.
  6. I am very picky in who I do approach and pass up a lot of approaches.

Towards the end of this post, I will also share some great daygame resources for all of you to watch.

About daygame openers.

I prefer to go direct and think most guys would be best to use this method. Going indirect means you risk coming off as some homeless guy asking for change, some sketchy dude trying to dupe her into paying money, or some religious fanatic. Direct seems to be the way to go in daygame while in nightgame, it is considered overkill. Situational openers do not seem to work that well either but I haven’t tried them much.

Here are some openers I tried and my success rate with them.

“Hey excuse me, I know its random but I thought you were cute, my name is MB, nice to meet you”

A lot of words to say and to no surprise, it was largely a failure. I got blown out or flat out ignored with this opener. I also found myself having a lot of approach anxiety because this opener was so tough to get out. It’s just too much to remember in a random situation.

“Hey, you have a very (city name) vibe to you”

You have a very Parisian, New York, or LA vibe to you. The opener seems to get women to open somewhat and is a lot less low pressure than the previous one because it is shorter but I found that it doesn’t seem to do too good of a job at showing intent. You come off more as a friend and need to keep building in order to show any intent because the compliment is very passive. I’d say that this opener walks the fine line between being indirect and direct, it is somewhat in the middle.

“Hey, you don’t seem like a tourist at all”

Again, I will cut right to the chase and say that this is an awful opener. I got a bad reaction from it in the sense that it did not build a good vibe. Unfortunately, this opener becomes dead on arrival if she is indeed a local which a lot of women walking around in Miami tend to consider themselves. I will not be going back to this one again.

“Hey, I thought you looked fancy and had to come say hey”

I feel like it shows intent which is good and you can replace fancy with cute or whatever but it has a hard ceiling. I found that my conversations died fast when I used this opener and they ended up not lasting longer than perhaps 30 seconds. Once again, the success rate was largely awful with this one too.

“I had to say, the (whatever she is wearing) looks fancy”

I had a surprisingly good response from this opener and found that my conversations went for longer than a minute. As I break it down, I compliment her on her style which she worked on but not on her actual physical appearance. I ended up getting a couple numbers off of this opener and might keep it for future use or at least build on it. It shows intent without really objectifying her in a super physical sense like telling her she has pretty eyes.

“I almost went blind from the flashy dress”

Once again, good responses and I did get a couple numbers off of this opener too. I found that whenever you comment on what she is styling herself up as rather than just flat out calling her cute, the response rates tend to be a lot better. What I will be doing is changing up this opener and adding to it rather than keeping it where it is. In my opinion, this might even be able to transition well into nightgame.

“Excuse me, I was on the way to the store back there but then I saw you and thought you looked cute, had to come say hey”

Credit to Austen Summers for this one and his ACII (Attention, Context, Intent and Introduction) frame for this. In my experience so far, it has been by far the best opener to use and has led to me having a good deal of success. I was implementing it lightly in previous weeks and saw success but when I implemented it over the weekend, the success kept piling up. What I did was I kept on adjusting it and I would replace cute with fancy and stylish, making that adjustment drove the results through the roof.

Some takeaways.

An opener is arguably the toughest part along with the close but you have to develop an interesting personality to keep the convo going. Ask less questions and make more assumptions. At the start, you will have to do a lot more talking. Moreover, these openers may be good for now but overtime, you will have to keep getting creative and come up with newer and better openers as old ones lose their luster. Have fun with.

Resources to check out.

I owe my success in daygame so far to Todd V, Alex from Playing With Fire, and Austen Summers. Here are some videos I want all of you to check out.

Todd V’s pickup lines ranked.

Austen Summers Keys Of Daygame.

Playing With Fire Infield.

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