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Five reasons you are still not seeing results with women.

So I get hit up almost all the time by guys who say that they are “practicing game” but are still not seeing results. Now conventional wisdom will tell these guys to “approach more” (please don’t do that!) or just use better lines. However, in my years of knowing guys that struggled with game despite doing it for a while and had little to no results to show for it, I noticed a few trends. You will realize that a lot of what I list here might be quite relevant to you so its time to start being honest with yourself. Here are five reasons you are still not seeing results with women.

You look like shit.

You don’t have to be a Cristiano Ronaldo in order to get results but you do have to make the most of what you have. Majority of guys out there, if they put in the work, could easily be above average looking. Instead, you don’t hit the gym and you dress like crap. Even worse, you have awful body odor and look like someone who has spent his entire life online. No pickup line will save a guy who cannot even be bothered to care for his own appearance. You have to look like someone that actually takes care of his appearance! I’d say that there is nothing more cringe than watching men who look like crap spam approaching women and wondering why they get no results.

You don’t have your shit together.

You cannot afford to live in the city and instead stay with your mom way out in the suburbs. Your career for the most part is crap and the truth is you don’t even have much of one. Now there is an exception to this rule which is you happen to work in an industry packed with hot women and the sole purpose of the job is to give you access to hot girls (club promoter or bartender for example). However, these jobs make more sense when you are younger (under 35) so if you are an older guy, it won’t apply to you. While certain jobs do eat away time, you need to have somewhat of a career which gives you enough financially to afford rent (even if you live with roommates). If you are still over 25 and living with your mom without any source to provide for yourself, you need to work on fixing that before taking game seriously.

You are weird as fuck, especially for weird pickup guys out there.

You go to a club and are doing weird Mystery pickup gimmicks to get a girl’s attention. In most ways, you come off as that weird pickup guy who makes it blatantly obvious that he is trying to “run game” and run some gimmick on girls. Most of all, you go to environments you don’t truly like and aren’t true to your personality. You are the nerdy former gamer that wants to go hit up nightclubs all the time when in reality, he might benefit more from day game. For some reason, you do not understand how poorly you fit into certain environment but keep going there anyways despite a lack of results overtime.

Now this also ties in with vibe, your vibe sucks ass. You might try to come off as a cool and cocky guy but deep down inside, you are a bitter incel. Rejections hurt you more and if your night goes poorly, you make sure that you ruin the night for your wing too by being a bitter and negative dude. You lack common social etiquette and will try to be a coach to your wing despite not getting much results yourself that night. Women can sniff out your negative attitude and vibe despite how much you try to hide it.

You are aimless and have no plan.

You will go to a venue more than an hour away from where you live, have no plan to really pull because your logistics suck, and are just there to “run game”. All in all, you are entirely aimless with everything and have no real plan for the night. You are just there to be out there and are completely winging it without taking logistics into account. In some ways, you are just making things up as you go and hope that luck somehow falls in your favor. You are not strategic or smart about how you go to do game. You’ll go to clubs with high cover charges because they are “tough environments where you can practice real game bro!” rather than environments where you can realistically pull and meet awesome women.

You are doing all of this for ego and for showing off, not because you genuinely love women and want to make their lives awesome.

“Look at me approaching bro!”

“Bro, I so ran Mystery level Mystery game on her bro”

“Hand to God babe, Hand to God!”

“Dude watch me approach this set”

You are doing all of this to massage your own ego and to win validation from other men just as clueless as you when it comes to women. You don’t really want to be good with women, you want to be seen as that guy who is a Mack. You are using game and getting good with women as a way to validate yourself and fill the feelings of worthlessness from the past. Instead, a guy who is good with women genuinely loves them and feels that he can make their lives better by being a part of it. Every conversation, every date, and every night alone with her will fulfill her emotionally and mentally, leaving her in a better place than before having met him. Instead, you see women as a means to an end to validate yourself in front of a bunch of clueless losers.

These are the kinds of guys who will go to a loud nightclub that is awful for meeting women and approaching but still do it because they have something to prove. It’s a means of massaging their ego and it is insanity as a lot of these guys will go countless times and not pull a thing. Results wise, these guys would be better off doing day game and going to a cocktail bar but instead they go to awful environments, fail, and then keep going because they have an ego to massage. Then, the same guys try to preach others about women and game and think that their insane ways make them more competent despite the awful results they have.

Seriously, don’t be this guy.

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